Dynamogen: Uses, Indications, Contraindications, Side Effects, Dosage, Composition, interactions, Weight gain, Abuse & Cost

Dynamogen Composition:

These are dynamogen active ingredient per 10 mL:

Glutodine® (cyproheptadine α -ketoglutarate… 3mg

Arginine aspartate…….. 1g

Saccharine, sorbitol solution, water, essences, s.q.


#Dynamogen has essentially small orexigenic and tonic revitalizing action. It combines the activity of two substances capable of suppressing physical and mental asthenia and lack of appetite: glutodine and arginine aspartate. Dynamogen is not a vitamin but is is an appetite boosting syrup… an appetizer in the same class as apetamin, super apeti and even apetabon.

A picture showing a pack and ampoules of dynamogen.

Uses/Indications of #Dynamogen

Treatment of all processes where it is necessary to restore the intake of basic elements involved in an energizing activation: asthenia, psychoasthenia, anorexia, malnutrition, convalescence, reduction of intellectual capacity (brain fatigue), dementia (memory loss), slow growth, adynamia(sluggishness), tiredness, school fatigue.

#Dynamogen is used to treat patient with weight loss as a result of poor appetite, anorexia or chronic diseases. Dynamogen is used to gain weight since it boost appetite for food.


Children: 10mL twice daily, preferably taken 30 minutes before food. A child with severe anorexia and weight loss can take 10mL of #Dynamogen three times daily.

Don’t give dynamogen to children below 1 year of age… you can give dynamogen toddlers.

Adults: An ampoule of Dynamogen to be taken three times daily.


#Dynamogen contains 3.58g of saccharose per 10ml ampoule. This must be put into consideration by diabetic patients so as not to increase their blood sugar level.


Due to its content of cyprohepatadine α – ketoglutarate, #dynamogen must not be given to nursing mothers, breastfeeding mothers, premature or newly born children. Though there are no contraindications, its use is not recommended in severe liver or kidney diseases.. Because if its high content of saccharine, dynamogen is contraindicated in persons living with diabetes. Pregnant women should also not take dynamogen.


Administer cautiously in aged patients and also in those suffering symptomatic benigh prostate hypertrophy (enlargement) and patients affected by narrow angle glaucoma. As a precaution, #dynamogen must not be used in pregnancy.

Incompatibilities and interactions

It must not be used simultaneously with MAO inhibitors. Concomitant admistration with anti-cholinergic drugs, neuroleptics, or tricyclic antidepressants must be avoided, as an addition(pronouced effects) of anti-cholinergic effects may occur.

It is not recommended to associate #dynamogen to hypnotics (sleeping drugs) or major tranquilizers, the added effect inducing sleep. #Dynamogen may increase the effects tof alcohol ingestion.

Side Effects of Dynamogen

Cyprohepatadine α-ketoglutarate may cause slight somnolence(drowsiness), which usually does not happen after continued intake of the drug for some days. This should be considered if driving or using machinery. Don’t drive if you have taken dynamogen. #Dynamogen has no negative effect on menstruation, ovulation, fertility and erection.

Intoxication and Treatment:

Massive ingestion of #dynamogen, particularly in children may cause respiratory depression or stimulation of the CNS, even convulsions. Quickly induce vomiting after drinking a glass of water. If vomit cannot be induced, proceed to gastric lavage with saline serum in the hospital. Saline cathartics are also useful. In case hypotension appears, some vasopressors must be used…hospital assistance is very necessary.

In case of overdosage or accidental intake, consult the toxicology information service.

How it is supplied.

#Dynamogen is supplied in 20 x 10mL presentation. A pack of contains 20 ampoules of #dynamogen. I am yet to see #dynamogen tablets.

Guildlines for correct use: how to use #dynamogen

1. Separate one 10mL plastic dose

2. Tear rotating the upper tab

3. Introduce upside down in a glass and press the content out.

Keep out of reach of children.


Dynamogen price in Nigeria: The price of #Dynamogen in Nigeria and in many pharmacies in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Benin city is around #4,500 Naira per pack. In Ghana, #dynamogen is sold for 15 Cedis.


Other very important questions on Dynamogen answered

is dynamogen a multivitamin?

No. Dynamogen is a not multivitamin. It does not contain any vitamin like folic acid, vitamin C, B, E or even folic acid. #Dynamogen does not contain iron also.

Does Dynamogen make you sleep?

Yes… #Dynamogen cause sleep and drowsiness. That is why you are advised not to drive or operate a machinery after taking #dynamogen. It is a side effect to of the drug which some persons abuse to induce sleep.

Is Dynamogen used for weight gain?

Yes. Dynamogen is a weight gain supplement or syrup. Dynamogen can make you fat by stimulating your appetite to eat more. This is the same mechanism other weight gain syrups like super apeti and apetamin uses to make people add weight or flesh.

Dynamogen abuse

It is now common knowledge to see many ladies abuse dynamogen to gain weight, increase the size of their buttocks and to increase the size of their breasts and hips. Many ladies now use #dynamogen for buttocks, hips and breasts enlargement.

Can ulcer patient take Dynamogen?

Yes. Ulcer patient can take #dynamogen syrup. It is safe.

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