How to use alum to wash the virgina for tightening.. How do I use alum to tighten my vigina?

I have been wanting to write about this for a while now. It is no longer news that many females use alum to wash inside their body for tightening…it is true that ladies use alum to wash their private part either to remove yeast infection or for tightening. How this works I don’t know. Many ladies I have spoken to on this subject matter ascribe the ability of alum to tighten the vigina to the same mechanism alum use to remove the slimy substance in snails…. Yes alum is used to wash snail..

How to use alum to wash the virgina for tightening
Alum for tightening

I went into the streets of Lagos and decided to interview some ladies on how to use alum to wash the virgina for tightening….

Here are the comments I received.


I never knew it worked until I tried it. I used alum water to douche just once and almost immediately I noticed my *your know* felt fresh and different. I felt tight and this lasted for about some weeks. It is true that alum helps in tightening.


Well for me, I have been using alum for tightening since I was 22 and i became sexually active. It does not only help me feel tight and reduce looseness, it also helps remove infections. What I do is to use alum water to wash my private part and I am good to go. Some times, I sit on warm alum water with added lime.


I Hausa land, it is common knowledge to see Hausa girls using alum water to douche to help tighten the vigina. It is a cultural thing. Alum water has been used as feminine wash since time immemorial. It is not new.


How do I use alum for tightening? It is easy, I put alum stone inside my body and I leave it there for like 1 hour. By the time I remove it, it has flushed out all infections and I feel tight for like a month thereafter.


I have 3 children all of which I delivered naturally…. I pushed. The vagina never remains the same after childbirth and alum has always been there to make us feel tight once again. Alum helps strengthen the vaginal muscles and reduce laxity and looseness…For me, I wash inside my body with alum water every 3 months for tightening and cleansing. Sometimes I used specially prepared alum powder for Virgina tightening. There are also alum sticks..

How long does alum tightening last i asked her.. According to Osato, she said alum tightening last for her for about 3-4 weeks after which she repeats.

Medical Expert Speaks. 👇

I didn’t end here…. I paid a courtesy visit to a Gynaecologist, Dr Pompe, in one of the private hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria who had this to say about alum for tightening…

“It is not medically advised to put alum inside your body for tightening. Ladies be warned. Inserting alum stone or douching with alum water can cause you serious vaginal infections, burns, injuries and alum poisoning. The earlier they heed this medical counseling, the better.”

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  1. There was a time I inserted an alum stone few minute late I removed it an I saw something with in colour and it was looking like a Lyon really what was that I don’t know if anyone has experienced it the more I digged my hand the more I bring it out


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