Can a pregnant woman drink Smoov Chapman?The effects of Chapman on pregnancy.

A woman who is about 20 weeks pregnant write the Nigerian Health Blog to find out if Smoov Chapman is good for pregnant women.

From My Mailbox:


Good afternoon Sir. I am folake and I am writing from the city of Lagos. I am 20 weeks pregnant and I take the popular drink called Smoov Chapman alot… I see it as a substitute for zobo drink. Since I have been told zobo is not safe in pregnancy, I have found comfort in Chapman. Even in my pregnant state, I take a bottle of Chapman every day. I want to know if drinking Chapman is good for pregnant women, if Chapman can cause miscarriage and its effect on the unborn baby.

Can a pregnant woman drink smoov chapman?
A lady drinking Smoov Chapman.

Please doctor, reply me to know if I am going to stop taking smoov Chapman for the time being until after my pregnancy or delivery.

Can a pregnant woman drink Smoov Chapman?


My reply:

Thank you for reaching out Folake..Infact I have been asked similar question on the effect of Chapman soft drink on pregnancy in a pregnancy forum and I was categorically clear.

Chapman drink is a soft non alcoholic drink that is as red as zobo drink but it is not zobo. Chapman looks like a red wine in a plastic bottle. I have looked at the ingredients used to make Chapman and I have discovered that they are all safe in pregnancy. Chapman drink is totally safe in pregnancy and pregnant women can drink it if they wish to and if they like it. Chapman does not cause miscarriage, pregnancy loss or low birth weight as some people think.

Pregnant women take Chapman and still deliver safely without stress. Chapman is good for pregnant women and also does not cause congenital birth deformities in unborn babies.

A women that is pregnant can continue to enjoy her Smoov Chapman drink until delivery. Lactating OR breastfeeding mothers can take Chapman. You have nothing to fear or worry about. However, just like every thing, you are advised to take Chapman with moderation.


Chapman is safe in pregnancy

Chapman is good for pregnant women

Chapman smoov does not cause miscarriage

Chapman cannot be used for abortion

Pregnant women can drink smoov Chapman

It does not cause miscarriage or pregnancy loss….

Pregnant women with gestational diabetes should first discuss with their doctors before taking chapman as it contains a lot of sugar.

I hope this answers your questions?

Thank you.

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