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The following are the up-to-date list of government and private owned ivf centres in Benin, Edo state, Nigeria with their contacts to make reaching them easy.

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University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) is the first of ivf centres in Benin

P.M.B 1111, Ugbowo Lagos Road, Benin-city.

Edo state, Nigeria.

Telephone: 08022160312; 08022535595

08065001008; 08153857887

Email: info@ubth.org


Website: http://www.ubth.org

cost of ivf in ubth

Just like the ivf success rates, there is no guaranteed cost of ivf in UBTH or any other ivf centre in Nigeria. It depends on the number of tests, the obstetric history, and the age of the woman.The more, the tests carried out, the greater the age; the more the amount. Women with bad obstetric history like recurrent miscarriages will definitely pay more because they will undergo more fertility tests.

On my visit to the UBTH ivf centre on the 24th of September, 2017 to inquire about the cost of the procedure, the Consultant i met on call told me and i quote: ” Doctor, I cannot categorically tell you the cost of ivf here because the amount of money the patient will pay depends on her age, the number of tests she (and her husband) will do, and her previous obstetric history. Older women or women that has either not been pregnant before or had been having recurrent miscarriages pay more since more tests will be carried out. I will personally advise any patient coming to UBTH for IVF to come with between #900,000 – 1.2 million.”

I agree with you that the ubth ivf cost is quite expensive. This is because there is no special government subsidy or interventions for now to reduce the the cost burden of ivf treatment on childless couples. It is not only in the ubth ivf centre that affordability is a problem, it is like that in all fertility clinics across Nigeria. To check this cost burden many centres now do yearly ivf promo/price slashing/bonanza/discounts allowing couples more affordability and accessibility.

Learn more about these low/cheap ivf treatment in Nigeria here: ivf promo/ price slashing/discount/bonanza and centres that offer them.

St Augustine Medical Centre & Assisted  Reproductive Delivery Technology Unit

51, Uwasota Road,

Ugbowo, Benin City,

Edo state, Nigeria

Telephone:  08164124696

Chief Medical Director: Prof Augustine Orhue

Prof Orhue believes advance medical procedures can cure problem of    infertility. In his words in 2013: “Some couple of months back, as the  Head of the Department, we were able to carry out, at the University of  Benin Teaching Hospital, (UBTH) the first IVF conception and delivery   successfully through the aid of this technology,” the Professor of Medicine  said. St Augustine Medical centre is one the foremost privately owned ivf centres in benin.

Graceland Medical Centre

2, Unuerokpa Street, off Technical Road,

Behind Discovery Group of Schools

Telephone: 08037271271

Chief Medical Director: Prof Micheal Emefiele Aziken

Lily hospitals Limited

17, Edo-Osagie Street, GRA, Benin city


One of the ivf centres in Benin that just started operation.

St Jude Women Clinic

Aigbedion Street, Use, Benin City


Maviscope Hospital & Fertility Centre

5, Ewemade Street off Road by Agip Junction

Oka, Sapele Road, Benin City.

Was this article helpful? Do you have names, location and addresses of ivf centres in benin that are not here? Please let us discuss in the comments section.

This article was updated on the 26th of January, 2019.

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