Where and How to get a surrogate mother in Nigeria?

Surrogacy may be the last hope of of an infertile couple facing certain Situations like:

1. Uterus absent at birth

2. Uterus malformed in size & shape

3. Uterus removed for cancer like
medical reasons or otherwise

4. Multiple IVF cycle failure

5. Recurrent miscarriages

6. General Health problems like physical deformity, epilepsy, diabetes, BP(Hypertension).

7. Autoimmune diseases(like SLE)

8. Blood Related Issues(like DVT)

9. Single Parent Male or Female  Not interested in marriage/divorcee/widower etc

Where and How to get a surrogate mother in Nigeria
How to get a surrogate mother in Nigeria.



1. IVF/ICSI for Genetic Couples, or with
A DONOR Egg (Oocyte)/Sperm if the
situation demands/with sue consent

2. Fertilised good quality Embryos to be
Transferred to a fit (Healthy), aged
between 24Yrs to 34Yrs.

3. To see for 15 Days to test Blood of
the Surrogate for BHcg Hormone. Levels which should be some 400 & Day18 repeat test it should Triple to Confirm the Viable Pregnancy.

4. The surrogates/Donors/Genetic
Parents are screened for safety. For all Viral/Bacterial infections and their family/personal health history too examined…

5. The surrogates who volunteer to stand for some couple with a condition of staying in the
SURROGATE CARE HOME  (may not be compulsory), for all 10 months till delivery for better care for the fetal well being and herself.

How to get a surrogate mother in Nigeria?

It is not that easy but your fertility or IVF centre can easily sort this out for you. Also there are also many leaders on the internet that have sent me messages saying they want to be surrogate mothers at a few though. You can find surrogate mothers in Lagos, Benin, Abuja, Ibadan, Warri and even Enugu.

You can get healthy surrogate mothers from the following list below:

Care Women’s Clinic

DIFF Hospital

Lily Hospitals (Benin city )

Lily Hospitals, Okuokoko – Warri

FertiGold Fertility Clinic

Lily Hospitals, Warri.

Nordica Fertility Centre (Abuja)

Nordica Fertility Centre (Asaba) – Delta state

Nordica Fertility Centre (Surulere, Lagos)

Bridge Clinic

Graceland Health Centre, Benin city

Want to have a child and you are interested in surrogacy? You can get a surrogate mother from the above centres in Nigeria but price may differ from clinic to clinic. In Nigeria and in many other developed countries, surrogate mothers can also be sorted out and provided by the surrogate agencies. However, I advise you get a surrogate mother from a hospital.


For example, it is a common misconception that surrogacy is only for wealthy people or the elite, due to it being so expensive. Contrary to this belief, using a surrogate mother can be affordable and is sometimes even covered by insurance, in cases where infertility cannot be helped or explained. Additionally, some surrogacy centers offer payment plans and financing to make your family dreams come true.


    • My name is Mercy in Abuja am 25 interested in surrogate am a single mother with two kids my phone number 09068918212 you can call or what’s app me thanks


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