Coconut water during pregnancy for fair baby?

This is an old wife tale. It is a coconut water myth and legend. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy will not make a baby fair in complexion….Being fair, yellow or white in complexion is a genetic thing and has nothing bro do with what you ate or eat during pregnancy…..

Drinking coconut water during pregnancy is very safe in pregnancy and confers numerous health benefits…it has nothing to with your baby’s fair or dark complexion.

Coconut water during pregnancy for fair baby?
Coconut water during pregnancy for fair baby?

Ladies, if you want to have a baby that is fair in complexion , you stand a greater chance of having one if you make babies with a fair man…You yourself should also be fair….

To conclude; stop looking to have a baby with a certain skin colour for your baby….it is a form of racism and inferiority complex.

Drinking #coconut #water during pregnancy will not make your baby have a #fair #complexion.

Also, this is for parents that are desperate to see their baby have a fair complexion, stop bleaching your newborn babies… bleaching creams can damage their kidneys


Any complexion your child have now is their original complexion

And if they have started going to school their complexion could get a bit darker because of sun and dust

All you need do for them is bath them well (twice or thrice daily) and use a good cream that has no lightening or brightening additives on them. …

Children doesn’t need to brighten their complexion please, leave their skin for them

When they grow, they can decide if they want to enhance their complexion or not…

Pregnant women who consume or kinds of supplements in order to make their babies fair in the womb should stop that immediately because it does not work…

N.B I don’t understand what some people mean by my child was fair before….

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