Can coconut water cause miscarriage or abortion? Health benefits of coconut water in pregnancy…Is it safe to drink coconut water during pregnancy.

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Let me clear your doubts, coconut water does not cause abortion or miscarriage and it is very safe in pregnancy. Whether first, second or third trimester, drinking fresh coconut water is a perfect electrolyte replacement for a dehydrated pregnant woman. Whether early or late pregnancy, you can count on the healthy coconut water drink for rehydration. There is no documented scientific research that has shown coconut water to cause pregnancy loss or miscarriage….

What are the benefits of coconut water in pregnancy?

1. Drinking coconut water during first trimester greatly helps to curb dehydration that results from morning sickness

2. Coconut water greatly helps in relieving heartburn and constipation which are quite common in pregnancy.

3. Coconut water prevents urinary tract infecion (UTI). UTIs are quite common during second and third trimester…

4. Coconut water is a natural diuretic…this property enhances your urge to pass urine and this l, together with the kidneys, helps to flush out toxins from the blood. By flushing toxins, it helps prevents kidney stones, infections and improve the functioning of kidneys.

Can coconut water cause miscarriage or abortion?
Can coconut water cause miscarriage or abortion? No. Very safe

4. The body defense mechanism normally drops in pregnancy. Coconut water helps to boost immunity ….it is a rich source of vitamin, essential minerals, and anti-oxidants. These properties of coconut water greatly improve the functioning of the body’s immune system.

5. Coconut water protects the heart in pregnancy…it contains magnesium, potassium, and lauric acid…this listed minerals lowers blood pressure and protects the heart. We can say that coconut water prevents pregnancy induced Hypertension called preeclampsia and eclampsia.

6. Medical doctors recommend drinking a glass of coconut water every day during your third trimester to reduce labour stress.

7. Weight Loss: coconut water is an alternative for sugary drinks. It helps to eliminate or reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body and helps you to maintain healthy body weight in pregnancy.

8. Scientists believe that coconut water also helps in the healthy development of the foetus.

9. Coconut water gives energy in pregnancy. Fatigue, dehydration and exhaustion are quite common during pregnancy. Coconut water is a natural isotonic drink that helps you replenish your post energy quickly.

10. Coconut water helps reduce stretch marks in pregnancy. Over 70 percent of pregnant women develop stretch marks. Drinking coconut water regularly improves your skin elasticity and minimizes the development of stretch marks.

12. For women with diabetes in pregnancy, drinking coconut water will help lower your blood sugar and put your diabetes under control.

What is the best time to drink coconut water during pregnancy?

You can drink coconut water during first , second or third trimester…no worries. You can also enjoy coconut water morning, afternoon or evening.

Side effects of coconut water during pregnancy.

Coconut water in safe in pregnancy and I have not come across any pregnant women who has been adversely affected from drinking coconut water. Coconut water has NO side effects in pregnancy….just drink with moderation.

Summary: coconut water is a healthy drink in pregnancy with numerous benefits to both the woman and her unborn baby…. coconut water does not cause abortion or miscarriage.

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