Can bitter leaf abort pregnancy? (Bitter leaf and Miscarriage)…Effect of scent leaf on pregnancy.

A pregnant lady wants to know if is safe to eat bitter leaf during pregnancy. She want to know bitter leaf can cause miscarriage or cause termination of pregnancy.

From my inbox:

Good morning doctor, I am Suliat and I am 27 years old. I am 8 weeks. I want to know if it is safe for me to drink bitter leaf water this early in pregnancy? Does bitter leaf cause abortion or miscarriage? Can I also eat bitter leaf soup now that I am pregnant…I want to know because it is still very early in my pregnancy and I don’t want any thing that could harm my baby.

My reply;

Thank you for reaching out…Some many times , I have seen pregnant women take bitter juice (bitter leaf) to prevent and cure morning sickness and for vitality. I have not seen any women who drink bitter leaf water suffer any miscarriage or abortion. Bitter leaf is safe in pregnancy…bitter leaf does not cause abortion or miscarriage….

Can bitter leaf abort pregnancy? (Bitter leaf and Miscarriage)
Can bitter leaf abort pregnancy? (Bitter leaf and Miscarriage)

There is no report or research that has indicated bitter leaf to be unsafe in pregnancy….infact , many scientists believe that bitter leaf contains all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for the healthy growth of the baby and the mother.

That said , it is important for me to tell you the health benefits of bitter leaf in pregnancy to put things in proper perspectives.

1. Prevent and treat morning sickness symptoms like nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation, dizziness and tiredness

2. Drinking bitter leaf water is safe in both early and late pregnancy…it is rich in calcium and this make it perfect for the development of strong bones in the foetus.

3. Poor sleep is a major challenge during pregnancy. Drinking bitter leaf water during promote good sleep in pregnant women.

4. It is said that eating bitter leaf soup eases delivery and reduces labour stress

5. Bitter leaf mixed with scent leaf cures constipation in pregnancy

6. Bitter leaf leaves that bitter-sweet after taste in your mouth that reduces the excessive salivation associated with early pregnancy.

Summary; Eating Bitter leaf in soups and drinking fresh bitter leaf water is good for pregnant women as it does not cause abortion or miscarriage…infact , it makes the baby grow well and eases delivery.

Thank you.

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