Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Ponmo (Kpomo or Cowskin)…is ponmo healthy? Cowskin benefits.

You still believe beans is protein

And ponmo has no nutritional value?

Anyways unlearn

Beans contains 65 to 70% carbs depending on the type

Cowskin(ponmo) contains 46.5g of pure protein

Eat beans with veggies and proteins

If you like ponmo eat them plenty.

The ponmo being talking about here is Agemawo and those white ponmo o…not those black/brown ones o…those brown ones na burnt tyres dem dey use process am and e fit even cause cancer, make una learn properly o. Not all types of Ponmo is healthy…Take note.

Now let me tell you about the health benefits of Kpomo

Pomno health benefits and nutritional value

1. Weight Loss:

Is poo good for weight loss? Ponmo is the the best meat for persons trying to loss weight. This is because it contains low calories. Can Kpomo make me fat as a person? The answer is no…if you want to be slim with a flat tummy, eat Kpomo.

2. Ponmo and cholesterol

Ponmo, called cowskin in English is low in cholesterol…not high as widely claimed…This makes ponmo good for the heart and blood vessels.

Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Ponmo (Kpomo or Cowskin)
Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Ponmo…

3. Ponmo and diabetes

Is Kpomo good for diabetes? The answer is yes…ponmo has low glycemic index and helps in sugar control. Diabetics should please enjoy ponmo. Cowskin soup benefits diabetics loads.

4. Low fat

Does Kpomo contain fat? Compared to chicken , turkey and beef, ponmo contains the least amount of fat…this makes it a healthy food… enjoy your ponmo sauce.

5. Ponmo gives nutrients

What does ponmo gives to the body? Kpomo (Cowskin) gives measured amount of fibre, calories, proteins and carbohydrates. Ponmo is however deficient in amino acids like tryptophan.

6. Fibre

Ponmo is very rich in fibre…fibres are a key part of all balanced diet because it helps to promote bowel movement and cures constipation.

Nutritional value of Ponmo

Many experts believe that Kpomo (Cowskin) has no nutritional value but this is not true.

Ponmo contains:

Proteins , fibre, carbohydrates, calories , collagen and even some vitamins. Enjoy Kpomo meat please.

Is it healthy to eat ponmo?

Yes it is…ponmo is a very health meat low in cholesterol, calories and fats but high in fibres.

Ponmo and Cancer

A healthy ponmo and the one not preserved with dangerous chemicals will not cause cancer or damage vital organs in the body…just make sure you get your Kpomo from trusted sources. On a good day, ponmo has no side effects.

Ponmo is a staple food in West Africa but Nigeria has the best type of Ponmo… especially when prepared with the right ingredients.

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