7 foods to avoid with BV..

Bacteria vaginosis is a vaginal infection that arise from the disequilibrium between the good and bad bacteria in the vagina…it causes itching, fishy odour, smelly discharge, redness, etc.

Please be informed that bacteria vaginosis is not sexually transmitted.

There are certain foods that can tilt a woman to develop BV…These foods or products are better avoided.

7 foods to avoid with BV

They are:

1. Asparagus

Asparagus is not a good food for the vagina….it destroys the normal vaginal pH flora and makes it a suitable environment for BV causing bacteria to thrive and grow….Most women that consumes alot of asparagus come down with recurrent BV.

2. Coffee

The caffeine in coffee is what is most sought after by coffee drinkers because it keeps one alert and mentally sharp. However, coffee is not good for vagina health. It dries it up and promotes the multiplication bad bacteria causing vaginosis….

7 foods to avoid with BV
Processed foods can cause BV, should be avoided

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is a red flag for BV…women who consumes a lot of alcohol are always coming down with both yeast infection and bacteria vaginosis… Don’t forget that alcohol is an immunosuppressant that predisposes the the body to all kinds of opportunistic infection like BV and candidiasis.

4. Refined foods

Refined foods are not the best for vaginal health…Refined sugar for example, distorts the normal vaginal pH making the bacteria causing vaginosis to thrive and cause serious harm.

5. Smoking

Smoking shrinks the penis is a fact. Not only that, smoking dries up the vaginnnaa….women who smoke stand a higher chances of developing bacteria vaginosis at short intervals…. Stopping smoking alone, will relief bacteria vaginosis by about 50 percent.

6. Processed meat

We love processed meat…but do you know eating too much of precessed meat meat washes away the changes the pH of the vaginnnaa flora and helps the bad bacteria to grow? Moderate your consumption of precessed meat as a women.

7. Sharwama

You like sharwama right? But be careful, it is one of the foods to avoid to prevent you from catching BV… sharwama contains loads of refined products not suitable for the growth and survival of the vaginal flora….be careful.

8. Yoni pearls

Though not a food…yoni pearls and the numerous feminine wash in the markets are serious culprits in BV…kindly don’t use them for your own health. Other inserts should be avoides also. Don’t put anything inside your body….your …..is a self cleansing organ. Stop trying to help it to perform a function it can carryout better than you.

Foods that are best for BV include: cranberry, yoghurt, pineapple, soursop fruit, garden eggs, carrots, oranges, watermelon etc.


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