Looking for the fruit of the womb—Read this❗️

This article may be considered rubbish or forbidden or against your religion or tradition. However, this article is shared base on fact.

If you have been searching for the fruit of the womb and have:

1. Tested yourself medically and confirmed okay
2. Your womb is intact.
3. No spiritual cause and you know it.
4. No self deceit—Intentional taking pills while every other is not aware.
5. Not over stressing yourself.
6. Having enough sex and not seasonal.
7. Tested with no infections whatsoever.
8. Prayed.
9. Sure that your husband/Partner is not impotent
10. Sure that your husband/partner doesn’t have low sperm count.

If you can easy tick all these 10 points and yet you find it hard to get pregnant.

There is just one thing that MAY END all of your worries and delay—MAY & END are in capital letters, take note!

Like I said, it is an unpopular opinion but a fact.


This is one of the reasons some women are tagged BARREN.

Some homes experience childlessness because some women have short circles, therefore ovulates while menstruating, and if the couples do not have any idea about this, and they abstain from sex when the wife is on her period, such family may experience childlessness for a very long period of time, except they do the needful.

Looking for fruit of the womb?
Your fruit of the womb is sure if you follow these steps

A lot of factors leads to childlessness and this is one of those reasons but unfortunately, many do not know about it.

While others forbids it because of irritation, religion, culture, self unbelief, tradition. Some have also end their childlessness with this step.

It is a matter of understanding.

This can be discussed with the doctor too.


Try out other proven methods like:


This is a secret every woman trying to get pregnant supposed to know 👇👇👇

I have realized that most of us fails/failed to get pregnant because we tend to ignore small things which might lead to pregnancy failure .

1. Before trying to conceive . Please it is very important yo clean the womb . The reason behind it because your womb may be dirty e.g (infection) instead of allowing your fallopian tubes for fertilization , sperm would be killed by that infection before they can reach the tubes ..

2. Target your ovulation days : most ladies don’t know when and how to know they are ovulating .simply to know you are ‘ovulating’ you would have that ”h0r**ny”feeling of meeting your man . That is being h0ny and the COLOURLESS discharge would come out .that’s ovulation sign it happens few days before your period . Use that chance otherwise other days might be use*less ..

3. Avoid standing up immediately after sex or urinating . Because it kill”s or take spe*rm out before they can fertilize the eggs.

4. Let’s avoid over thinking about pregnancy when you want to have a baby. E.g being to desperate to have a kid to and extend that you even go through fake signs of pregnancy, fake pregnancy has same signs of real pregnancy too E.g
** vomiting
** Being fat or thick
**Missing period or spotting
**Loss of appetite
** that’s why when you test for pregnancy, you find out that the result is negative…….

‘Why’? Because you are having fake signs of pregnancy produced by your hormones when you were desperately to have a kid ..

To everyone here looking for the fruits of the womb, you will test positive before December 🙏


Oluwanishola Akeju


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