Is plain Greek yogurt good for BV?

Many persons mistake bacteria vaginosis (BV) for vaginal yeast infection and even go as far as treating them the same.

First it is important I let you know that they are different…

While BV is a bacteria infection, yeast infection also known as candidiasis is a fungi infection…

What is bacteria vaginosis?

Smells like onion, then you have bacterial Vaginosis ‼‼‼ it’s not a sexually transmitted disease‼ it happens because the PH of your vjayvjay is off balance, the lactobacilli which is the good bacteria have been overshadowed by the bad bacteria, so destiny go see a doctor‼

SO in BV, you have fishy odour, discharge, itching, and discomfort….

How do you get bacterial vaginosis (BV)?

Your vagina is home to multiple types of bacteria (called a microbiome). A change in the balance of the bacteria causes BV.

Specifically, bacterial vaginosis happens when “bad” bacteria (anaerobes) grow more quickly than “good” bacteria (lactobacilli). Too much of one type of bacteria leads to an imbalance.

Researchers know that anything that changes the natural chemistry of your vagina can affect the bacteria in your vagina. That’s why certain activities like douching or unprotected sex can lead to BV. You can’t get BV from hot tubs, swimming pools or toilet seats. You also can’t get BV from touching a surface that a person with BV has touched.

Are there home remedies for BV?

Now to the main topic of discussion

Is plain Greek yogurt good for BV?

Plain Yoghurt is very good for the female sexual health as it helps restores the vaginal pH which is the key problem in BV and this in return promotes the growth of the the normal good bacteria flora like lactobacillus…

Is plain Greek yogurt good for BV?
Is plain Greek yogurt good for BV? Yes

So it is safe to say plain yoghurt or Greek yogurt helps relieves the symptoms of BV…..

How long does it take yogurt to work for BV?

Yoghurt works for BV within days to weeks…the effect is almost immediately cos yogurt are vaaaaginaaal friendly.

Can inserting yogurt cure BV?

Yes. According to a research published in PUBMED: A total of 32 women with BV in the first trimester of pregnancy were treated with intravaginal application of yoghurt. The result was favorable indicating that the continuous correction of vaginal pH and lactobacillus flora is crucial for normal vaginal environment and cure of BV…

SO, you can insert yoghurt soaked tampon overnight to help get rid of bacteria vaginosis. So try it.

Credit: Cleveland Clinic


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