Side Effects and Health Benefits of Tomtom Sweet.

Tomtom sweet is probably one of the most popular candy in Nigeria.Tomtom sweet is almost in all kiosks and “provision” store in Nigeria.. This candy is loved by both children and adults probably because of its rich menthol content. Nimedhealth wants to look into the side effects and health benefits of tomtom sweet including its ingredients.


TomTom is a big elliptical, black and white candy, with strong menthol flavour. This means that it provides instant relief from congestion and throat soreness while refreshing your breath with minty coolness. Perfect for cold and flu season!

Tomtom Ingredients

Sugar, Glucose syrup,Water, Menthol, Flavoring,
and Colour (E153)

Health benefits of TomTom Sweet

Keeps the Breath Fresh

Tom Tom sweet is the first choice when it comes to helping you have a fresh breathe. Tomtom helps to remove bad breath and gives you this sense of confidence and well-being

Used by pregnant women to relieve morning sickness

Morning sickness often leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Some women also experience nausea until the ninth month of pregnancy. Chewing down some fresh tomtom is a great way to ward off that weird smell and taste from your mouth. Tomtom is good for pregnant women. Tomtom is good for pregnant women. See how.

Helps Reduce Nausea

Nausea is very common during the first trimester of pregnancy. Chewing some tomtom can help you keep nausea at bay, but if you cannot bear the minty smell, you should refrain from consuming tomtom.

Keeps Digestive Issues at Bay

You will battle quite a lot with digestive issues during your lifetime. Consuming tomtom sweet could help you soothe the stomach and keep the digestive tract functioning properly. Tomtom helps relieve stomach bloating. However, avoid if you have acid-reflux issues. TomTom is good choice to relieve indigestion.

Helps In Maintaining General Feeling of Well-Being

Your body goes through a lot while carrying out your activities of daily living that you are most likely to feel tired and exhausted. Licking on some tomtom candy can soothe the mind, reduce irritability and relieve tiredness. It also helps to keep insomnia and anxiety at bay.

Relieves cough, nasal congestion and airway congestion..

The menthol in tomtom sweet has found good use in the relief of nasal blockages, cough, catarrh and soothing the airway. Tomtom is a friend of a troubled airway.

Is TomTom good For sore throat?

Yes. TomTom is soothes the throat and reduces throat pain and inflammation causes by sore throat.

Side Effects and Health Benefits of Tomtom Sweet
Tomtom and its health benefits.

Side Effects of Tomtom sweet

1. Allergy

Some persons are allergic to menthol which is a major component content of tomtom. This allergy may manifest as urticaria, rashes, itching,
running nose, runny eye lashes, breathing difficulty, diarrhoea, and vomiting. Stop taking tomtom of you notice any of these symptoms.

2. Dental caries

Toronto sweet is very sugary and sugary foods can cause dental diseases like dental decay and dental caries.

3. Trigger Asthma

The menthol in tomtom may irritate the airway and trigger and asthmatic attack… This is however very rare.

4. TomTom addiction

This is real but hardly talked about. Some persons can lick a full pack of TomTom candy in a day and still want more. That is simply addiction and nothing else.

5. TomTom is also not the best for ulcer patients….take little if you want to at all.

Written by Dr Udomoh for NIMEDHEALTH


  1. I crave for tomtom everyday, am not married not to talk of pregnancy. How do I stop this cravings because even now I want to go get some but its really late and dark outside.

  2. I am addicted to Tom Tom, I can finish the pack of 40 in less than a day.
    I need help stoping it, cause it’s really hard not to take Tom Tom. My family is really worried about me


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