Updated NYSC Corper Nurses Salary & Allowances  in all the 36 States of Nigeria, How much are nurses paid during NYSC?

Yours sincerely, Nimedhealth, has decided to look into the salary and allowances of NYSC corper nurses this morning. Just as corper doctors, BSC Corper nurses are an integral part of the health care in Nigeria… NYSC nurses while in camp are responsible for running and taking care of patients /sick Corpers in camp clinic.

Corper nurses work hand-in-hand with corper doctors, corper pharmacists, corper physiotherapists, corper lab scientists, staff health workers etc to take care of the health of fellow Corp members. Apart from running camp clinic, corper nurses administer first aid, give medications, do wound dressing, and even administer vaccines to prevent epidemics in camp.

Updated NYSC Corper Nurses Salary in all the 36 States of Nigeria
Nurse Corpers in Camp: What is the NYSC corper nurses salary and allowances?

After the 3 weeks camping, corper nurses are posted to their places of primary assignment across all government approved health centres, big pharmacies, teaching hospitals, general hospitals, big laboratories, health research centres, sick bays in schools and so on..

Now let NIMEDHEALTH talk about the salary of NYSC corper nurses and allowances… How much are corper nurses paid in Nigeria?

Due to the now increased minimum wage, we all know that the Federal Government (FG) now pays every serving Corps member including doctors, nurses, pharmacists,and pharmacists the sum of N33,000 as monthly allowance. So, any other amount added to this figure has nothing to do with FG.

Also, you should know that NYSC Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health-related Corpers are being paid higher than others.

Now, the question is, who pay them since FG pays equal allowance to all Corps members?

The answer is straight forward, Corper nurses, doctors, medical lab scientists and corper pharmacists receive a relatively “juicy” state or PPA allowance for essential services rendered aside the normal N33,000 Naira allowance from the federal government.

The reason for this is simple, the NYSC Medical corps members work more in taking care of the sick and they are exposed to higher risk of contracting deadly diseases – as we speak, in the midst of a global pandemic of coronavirus, NYSC corper doctors and nurses are still out there taking care of the sick.

There are some health Corp members that had have contracted deadly disease in the past and even died in their line of service. So, they deserve to be treated well and paid better… especially for nurses and doctors.

Updated NYSC Corper Nurses Salary in all the 36 States of Nigeria

Below is how much corper nurses are being paid as painstakingly compiled by nimedhealth;

1. Abia state (NYSC nurses are paid around 35k – 45k in the state hospitals and 50k @ FMC Umuahia).

2. Akwa Ibom state (State N60,000, Teaching Hospital N60,000)

3. Bayelsa state (State N50,000, Federal Medical Centre N69,000)

4. Delta state (States N55,000 Federal Medical Centre 65,000)…Delta state pays nurses and doctors all their allawee at the end of service year.

5. Borno state (State hospital pay NYSC nurses N70,000, Federal Neuropsychiatry hospital N90,000, University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital N100,000)

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6. Kwara state (State N44,000, Teaching Hospital N60,000)

7. Ebonyi state (State N10,000 for Corper nurses)

8. Anambra State (State N40,000, Teaching Hospital N45,000)

9. Oyo state(State N30,000, UCH pays corper nurses #40,000)

10. Katsina State (States N44,000 FMC katsina pays NYSC nurses N50,000)

11. Ondo State (Corper nurses are paid from N30,000 to N50,000 (FMC Owo) ).

12. Kano ( NYSC nurses earn aroumd N40,000 -N50,000)

13. Gombe (State N45,000*, Federal university clinic N53,000)

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14. Ekiti state pays Corper nurses N30,000

15. Benue state (between N25,000 and N42,000)

16. Imo State (IMO state poly N35,000. Nekede poly N40,000. State facilities N40,000)

17. Lagos State (between N45,000 and N60,000 are paid to corper nurses)

18. Kogi (From N31,000 to N40,000 are paid to NYSC nurses, FMC Lokoja pays corper nurses #45,000)

19. Ogun pays NYSC nurses between N34,000 and N40,000. FMC Abeokuta pays NYSC corper nurses #47,000 Naira.

20. Jigawa (State N26,800, Dutse Genaral Hospital N40,00, Teaching Hospital/FMC N45,000, government clinic N28,000, college of education N25,000, Gumel General Hospital N30,000 to NYSC nurses)

21. Kaduna (State from N38,000 and N43,000 are paid to corper nurses)

22. Sokoto (State N25,000, Barrack hospital N32,000 to NYSC nurses).

23. Abuja (corper nurses are paid around N40,000 – N50,0000 in Abuja depending on the health facility you are working)

24. BAUCHI pays NYSC nurses around 33k

25. Rivers: Corpers nurses in Rivers state are paid about N38,000 by the state government.. In University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, nysc nurses earn close to 50k

26. Niger state pays corper nurses between #30,000 – #37,000 Naira.

27. In Adamawa, NYSC nurses are paid #40,000. FMC Yola pays corper nurses #60,000

28. Yobe state pays corper nurses #80,000 Naira

29. Kebbi state pays corper nurses about #60,000 Naira.

30. Enugu pays corper nurses #30,000. UNTH pays NYSC nurses #40,000

31. Edo State pays NYSC nurses #30,000 Naira, UBTH pays corper nurses #40,000, Irrua teaching hospital pays NYSC nurses 65k

32. Nasarawa pays corper nurses 39k.. FMC Keffi pays NYSC nurses 45k

33. Osun state pays corper nurses between #30,000 -#37,000 Naira. OAUTH pays NYSC corper nurses #44,000

34. Cross Rivers pays NYSC nurses between 40k – 43k. University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) pays NYSC corper nurses #46,000

35. Taraba pays corper nurses 50k

36. Plateau state pays corper nurses #40,000 Naira… JUTH pays corper nurses #46k

37. Zamfara pays corper nurses about #45,000 …FMC Gusau pays NYSC nurses 67k

PS: The values quoted here was well researched by NIMEDHEALTH. However, they are not casted in stone as these salaries quoted may change with time to cope with economic realities.

This article on corper nurses allawee was compiled by Dr Udomoh,  corper nurses in the 36 states and FCT,  and Post NYSC nurses for NIMEDHEALTH .



  1. University of Ilorin teaching hospital does not pay their Corper Nurses #60,000. When I served in 2021, I was paid #17,000 plus without remorse, while Corper doctors were paid #80,000. Can you see the margin and the stigma to the nursing profession? University of Ilorin Teaching hospital can never pay their Nurse Corpers #60,000. This figure is a misconception. Stop deceiving the PCMs.


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