Is tomtom good for a pregnant woman? Is tomtom sweet safe in pregnancy?

Fromy mailbox.

My online doctor,

Good morning, I am Chinwe and writing from Owerri. I am 2 months pregnant and the morning sickness is really killing.. Mind you this is my first pregnancy… I am having a lot of issues when it comes to morning sickness… I am always having this feeling like wanting to vomit…having frequent running stomach , headaches, feeling tired and many more…

Is tomtom good for a pregnant woman?
Is tomtom sweet safe in pregnancy?

I recently discovered that tomtom sweet, the popular Nigerian candy that contains menthol and other sweeteners relieved the symptoms of my morning sickness. I noticed I no longer have the crazy symptoms of morning sickness like nausea, and vomiting whenever I take tomtom sweet… because of that, I take like 5 seeds of tomtom every day now. I am worried this may be harmful especially as it relates to my unborn baby, I’m therefore writing you this message to seek clarity. Is tomtom good for a pregnant woman? Is tomtom sweet safe in pregnancy?

Chinwe from Owerri, South East Nigeria


My Reply:

Congratulations Chinwe… Pregnancy brings loads of happiness and joy, but it also makes you cautious and sceptical about everything you do. Among the changes you make during pregnancy, choosing the right foods, drinks and snacks, and candy also requires a lot of thought. What you could consume easily before may cause concerns at this stage. That’s why it is wise to carefully choose what you eat as not all food items can be consumed during pregnancy. There is no grave threat in consuming tomtom sweet during pregnancy as they may provide many benefits to pregnant women.

In the first trimester (first 13 weeks), morning sickness always leave a bitter taste in theount of pregnant women. Eating tomtom sweet actually gives a breathe of fresh air and helps treat or reduce nausea.

You will battle quite a lot with digestive issues like diarrhoea, constipation and stomach pains during pregnancy. Consuming tomtom sweet could help you soothe the stomach and keep the digestive tract functioning properly. Tomtom soothes and calms the digestive tract. Be careful if you have peptic ulcer though.

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy that you are most likely to feel tired and exhausted. Licking or chewing tomtom sweet can soothe the mind, reduce irritability and relieve tiredness. It also helps to keep insomnia and anxiety at bay. Tomtom sweet also helps calms your respiratory tract and prevent allergies like asthma, nasal blockages and catarrh.

Tomtom is completely safe in pregnancy and good for pregnant women. It does not cause miscarriage, pregnancy loss or congenital birth defects. Pregnant women are free to take tomtom sweet to relieve their morning sickness. Tomtom does not interact negatively with antenatal drugs.

Chinwe, I however feel you are taking too much of the tomtom…licking it too much can make you (not your baby) develop dental caries. Moderation is key.

Hope I have been able to answer your questions?

Thank you and have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Dr Udomoh


  1. This is my 5 month
    If I don’t take Tom Tom
    I will start spitting and from that spitting it leads to vomiting
    And the way my mouth taste if am not having Tom Tom is really bad
    But am scared cause I take more than 5 Tom Tom in a day
    So m thinking if it will affect the baby in anyway 😭

  2. Can I take tomtom sweet because am feeling bad taste in my mouth and it’s bitter and making me feel like taking something sweet.


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