Can action bitters or Alomo bitters prevent pregnancy? Can action bitters prevent pregnancy?

From my mailbox


Good morning Sir. This is Lolade from Lagos. I had unprotected sex yesterday with my boyfriend. I have heard of different ways of preventing pregnancy after sex. Because of the side effects of Postinor I have decided to go local. I read on a facebook post that Alomo bitters, yoyo bitters, action bitters,teem lemon and even small stout can prevent pregnancy when they are taken almost immediately after unprotected intercourse. I took action bitters twice after the unprotected sex. I don’t know if it works as a contraceptive.

Lolade from Lagos.


My reply:

I hope my message meet you in good health? Straight to the point… action bitters, Alomo bitters, yoyo bitters, orijin and small stout are not contraceptives and cannot prevent pregnancy or be used to flush out sperm. Action bitters is not an emergency contraceptive. Don’t waste your time trying to use it to prevent pregnancy, it will fail you for sure. I have looked at the ingredients in action bitters and I found out it does not contain any active substance that have the ability to prevent pregnancy or terminate pregnancy. Please be also informed that Beecham Ampiclox cannot also prevent pregnancy.

Can action bitters prevent pregnancy?
Action bitters and pregnancy

Let me quickly share with you some of the medically approved methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Some of the approved methods of contraception include

1. Abstinence

If you don’t want to get pregnant or if you don’t want to impregnate someone, the best method to ensure this is to avoid sex.

2. Practice safe sex

Make use of high quality latex(cond.oms).

Doubling the condom doesn’t actually make it more effective and safer, in fact it creates room for breakage due to increased friction between the doubled condom.

3. Emergency Contraceptives (EC)

Postinor 2 (p2) is a contraceptive also known as an EC. Within 72hrs of unprotected sex p2 can stop a lady from taking in. Though the earlier the better.

It is called “Emergency Contraceptive” for a reason, and as such should only be used occasionally, when there is an emergency situation, like a punctured condom, maybe miscalculation of cycles and the likes.

4. IUD

IUD stands for, “Intra Uterine Device”. It is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. IUDs are used for long term prevention of pregnancy. Their effects are reversible.

5. Hormonal Pills

This pills are taken once everyday, they have effect on pregnancy hormones.

6. Fertility Window

Fertility window or “safe period” as it is called, is a certain period of the month within which it is highly unlikely that a woman will take in, it is usually 2DAYS AFTER OVULATION. This is also known as the calendar method of contraception.

You need all the necessary information to have a healthy sexual relationship.

Lolade, I hope I have been able to educate and enlighten you that action bitters cannot prevent pregnancy… It is just a day after your unprotected sex, go and buy postinor OR postpill and swallow the tablets.

Dr Udomoh



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