Comprehensive list of medicine/drug prices in Nigeria

Medicine/Drug prices in Nigeria.

Were you prescribed a drug and you don’t know its price/cost? This article contains the commonly used or prescribed drugs in Nigeria and their prices.

I tried to make this article as comprehensive as possible. It may not give you the exact prices as drug prices in Nigeria are not regulated but pharmacy and location dependent, but it will give you an idea. I took time out to visit major pharmacy stores and interviewed some pharmacists to get these prices I hope it solves your problem.

Check below for the various drug prices in Nigeria.

1. Doxycycline- #100 naira per satchet.

2. Artrotec: #700 Naira per satchet.

3. Zoloft (Sertraline)- #2,580 naira for a pack containing ten (10) tablets.

4. Postinor 2- #500 Naira per satchet.

5. Rhogam injection : #35,000 to #37,000 Naira.

6. Clomiphene Citrate- #3,500 Naira per pack.

7. Asthma inhaler: Ventolin inhaler price is #1,500 Naira while Seretide inhaler is #4,550 Naira.

8.Omeprazole- Barrole Injection is #900 naira per ampoule while omeprazole tablet is around #500 to #1,000 per pack.

9. Cyclogest pessary – #11,000 Naira per packet.

10. Parlodel(Bromocriptine)- #2,500 Naira per pack.

11. Ivermectin : #800 Naira.

12. Ribavirin: Free in federal and some state hospitals. In pharmacies, 1 ampoule of ribavirin is #5,000. It is a drug of choice for Lassa fever, and dog bite patients.

13. Insulin Injection- Different types. Humulin is #3,250 Naira per ampoule, Mustard is #4,500 per ampoule, Actrapid is #3,000 naira per ampoule.

14. Misoprostol- Cytotec is #2,000 naira per satchet while misoclear is #1,500 per satchet.

15. Mifeprostone (mifeprex)- #1,800 Naira per satchet.

16. Augmentin- Augmentin by GSK is #3,500 Naira, unbranded augmentin is #1,700 Naira.

17. Zinnat 500mg price in Nigeria : #3,900 Naira.

18. Injection cefuroxime (Zinnat) is #2,000 Naira.

19. Dostinex(carbagoline)- #8,900 to #9,200 Naira.

20. Amoxicillin- Branded amoxicillin by GSK is #550 Naira per satchet containing 10 tablets. Unbranded amoxicillin is around #120-#350 Naira per satchet containing 10 tablets.

21. Ibuprofen: Branded Ibuprofen (Nurofen) 200mg is 1560 per satchet, branded ibuprofen 400mg is #2,250 for a pack containing 12 tablets. Unbranded ibuprofen is #400 Naira.

22. Rocephin- #3,500 per ampoule.

23. Adderall (amphetamine) : A drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Adderall price is Nigeria is #47,250 for a pack containing 30 pills. It is #1,800 per tablet.

24. Meropenem- Branded meropenem is #9,000 Naira. Neuronem (unbranded) is #5,200.

25. Imipenem price in Nigeria is #6,000 Naira.

26. Depo Provera (DMPA)- #800 Naira per pack.

27. Ceftriaxone injection: #1,500 per ampoule.

28. Fortuin/Pentazocin: #3,500 per pack.

29. Modafinil(Provigil)- #31,000 Naira.

30. Azithromycin- Zithromax suspension 1g by Pfizer is #4,950 Naira, zithromax suspension for children is #3,500 Naira, Zithromax tablets 250mg is #3650 Naira, Zithromax 500mg tablet is #4,000 Naira. Unbranded azithromycin 500mg is #2,000 Naira per satchet.

31. Coartem- Double strength (80/480) is #1,700 naira while the single strength coartem (20/120) is #600.

32. Lonart: double strength (80/480) is #1,200 Naira.

33. Felvin: #70 Naira per satchet.

34. Feldin- #2,500 per pack.

35. Tavanic (levofloxacin)- #5,500

36. Daflon 500mg price in Nigeria: #2,500 to #3500 Naira per pack.

35. Cost of ciprotab(ciprofloxacin) in Nigeria: #1,500 Naira per pack.

36. Acyclovir 200mg price in Nigeria – #2,000 per pack.

37. Levofloxacin 500mg tablets is #2000.

38. Kenalog (intralesional triamcinolone) price is about #2500 to #3000 per vial. It is used for keloids.

39. Insulin- Short- acting insulin (Humulin) is #3900 per vial and atrapid cost #3500 naira. While Lantus insulin is around #8,000 to #10,000 naira per vial. Lantus is long acting.

40. Albendazole- Depends on the brand, albendazole is sold for #400, #800, #1,000 or even #1,400 naira.

41. Ampicillin capsule: #250 naira per satchet.

42. Danazol: cost about #3500 to #4500 per pack.

43. Price of Normoretic is #1,700 per pack and Moduretic is #2,500 per pack.

44. Lansoprazole is #1,500 per pack

45. Vasoprim (low dose aspirin) is #500 per pack and it depends on the brand.

Drug prices in Nigeria
Drug prices in Nigeria
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  1. do you sell some of these drugs?, the modafinil listed as 2000 naira is being sold for 30k by those i can find. if you sell it, i can procure yours.

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