EDO NMA: Profile of Dr Iluobe Inegbenosun, acting chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association, Edo State chapter.

The mainstream media has been awash with news of crisis rocking the Nigerian Medical Association, Edo State chapter. This crisis was triggered by but not limited to the suspension of the then Chairman, Dr Mrs Udoka Imoisili, her deputy and secretary in the last Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Following their suspension, the onus now fell on the Deputy Secretary General of the association who as the most senior executive member, should head the doctors umbrella body in the state according to stipulations on the Constitution.

The deputy secretary general of the association, Dr Iluobe Inegbenosun, was constitutionally drafted in to fill in the space of the chairman in acting capacity.

Who is Dr Iluobe Inegbenosun?

Here are 10 things Nigerian Health Blog want you to know about him.

1. He is a senior registrar in Paediatric Surgery Unit, Department of Surgery of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH).

2. Dr Iluobe graduated from the prestigious Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State.

3. Before now, Dr Iluobe was the democratically elected Deputy Secretary General of the EDO NMA.

Dr. Iluobe Inegbenosun
Dr Iluobe Inegbenosun, acting EDO NMA Chairman

4. He is a very sociable and peace loving doctor that believes in oneness and togetherness. He has promised to work with all.

5. Outside politics, Dr Iluobe naturally participate in activities that will promote the welfare of doctors in the state and even nationally.

6. Dr Iluobe loves academics, he encourages younger doctors in the cadre to strive for excellence especially as regards finishing your Residency in record time. He believes in hard work.

7. He believes in fairness to all irrespective of the cadre. He is people friendly.

8. Dr Iluobe is a member and one of the founders of Benin Surgical Residents (BSR).

9. He is from Edo Central.

10. He is married to a lovely doctor wife and their union is blessed with children.

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