Can white quinine delay menstruation?

A lady wants to know if quinine can delay period.

From my inbox;

Good evening doc, I am writing from Lagos and please keep me anonymous….

I missed my period. Yes I had an unprotected sexx 2 weeks back following which I took white quinine and beecham ampiclox, ever since then, I noticed I have breast tenderness and this has been on for the past 1 week now. I initially thought I was ovulating but now I have missed by due date to see my period…could this be as a result of the white quinine I took, or have have been too stressed lately with its effect on my menstrual cycle. I have done pregnancy test test twice now and it was negative….the breast tenderness and heaviness is still there…could it be that I am pregnant or the white quinine I took is simply messing up my menstrual cycle ? Does white quinine stops ovulation or I am just raising false alarm….

I need answers Sir. Thank you


My reply:

Good evening to you. I understand how you feel about this and thank you for trying to seek answers from a genuine expert…

Now to you question:

Initially, many people believed that white quinine has no effect on the menstrual cycle and cannot stop pregnancy…now the story have changed, it is no longer the case, quinine has been found to distort the menstrual cycle and disturb ovulation and the normal menstrual cycle…

Can white quinine delay menstruation?
Can white quinine delay menstruation? Yes

According to Pubmed: Quinine completely blocks ovulation, suppresses LH surge, and produces oxidative stress in the ovary.

In women, LH triggers the creation of steroid hormones from the ovaries. Additionally, LH helps to regulate the length and order of the menstrual cycle in females by playing roles in both ovulation and implantation of an egg in the uterus.

Since quinine inhibits luteinizing hormone according to PUBMED, it is safe to safe quinine can delay menstruation and ovulation.

So, your use of white quinine may have been responsible for your delayed menstruation.

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