Top Brands of Condoms Available in the Philippines + their Prices.

Review of #condoms in the philippines:
a comprehensive article.

Because se..xual health is very very important!

NOTE: in reviewing these cond.oms, let’s take into account the price/accessibility &; the experience.

Each co.ndom has the same (slim) chance of getting ripped if unlubricated so remember to always use LUB*E! thus, we assume that all are equally-durable when lubr*cated yay.

Below are the different kinds of condoms in the Philippines:


– if your in for a pwede na regular knackamora, this is a good rubber to start with; smells really nice StrawberryChocolate bar

– has one of the thinnest rubbers but not branded as such for durability excuses, but is ok actually

– add P4 and you have the Ultra Thin version

price: P30-40

Brands of condoms in the Philippines
Trust brand of condom in the Philippines


– known for offering sen…sual experiences, PREMIERE capitalizes on our fantasies (prolly thru Placebo effect) w/ promises of near bare-skin contacts or stimulation.

– 2x price of TRUST so if you want your kantot to be extra special, alam na chos

price: P70-100++

Top Brands of Condoms Available in the Philippines + their Prices
Premiere condom in the Philippines

2a) PREMIERE Ultra Thin, Air

– if u want near normal experience because for some reason, you still believe*less megbesuegbe are fun (ugh no, not necessarily) here’s a gift from the heavens.
– Air is really thin (bahala ka lalabasan ka agad chz), but Ultra Thin is already good enuff!

Premiere ultra thin condo.m

2b) PREMIERE Dotted, Super Stud

– a felt con.dom (because u wanna maximize the experience lol)
– weirdly smells nice &; sweet
– dotted. superstud also stimulates the partner and the user (may dots sa loob besh)
– Price: Dotted – P70; Super Stud – P105

Premiere dotted super stud condom in the Philippines

2c) PREMIERE Earthquake

– is basically Ultra Thin with a vib.rating ring that lasts for ~1hour
– for newbies, this is relatively cheap so go try it if you want extra fun

Price: 212

Premiere Earthquake condom


– nothing new except it glows in the dark lol
– prolly for Star Wars fans or for Alma Moreno (“lights off”) chz
– not a thin con..d*m
– worth the try but i wouldnt use again coz it really looks like a lightsaber Face with tears of joy

Price: 2 packs at P196

Top Brands of Condoms Available in the Philippines + their Prices
Premiere Glow glows in the dark


– name says it, very durable
– on the pricey end of the spectrum (even their lu.b..e is pricey)
– i don’t know why but also helps last longer! what sorcery is this?

Price: P110-140+

Durex condoms in the Philippines

3) DUREX (cont.)

– i know why it takes me longer . it’s their lub (5% benzocaine) present in Performa

– Invisible & Fetherlite but it’s pricy for the near natural experience
– smells strong
– prolly for KBs

Durex longer lasting with benzocaine


– govt distributed; this is what @upbabaylan and other advocates distribute
– slightly thicker than our fave c*on.d…oms but is well and good

Price: libre na nga arte ka pa?

You can get these at social hygiene clinics. Install @safelyph to help you locate ‘em better.

Top Brands of Condoms Available in the Philippines + their Prices
Top Brands of Condoms Available in the Philippines /Free condoms in the Philippines


– a newcomer in the industry, very famous for their wild lubri..c..ants (FIRE, ICE, edible lubes)
– gives you 4 extra thin for the same price of 3 co..nd”ms from other brands
– if you wanna save up on cost & up your experience, BLISS FOUR is highly recommended.

Top Brands of Condoms Available in the Philippines + their Prices
Bliss Four Condoms in the Philippines

Now there are plenty other raincoats out there like and you probably might want to check them out too.

Don’t be afraid to explore any of them as long as you do it SAFE and SANE

And because women have the right to their own bodies, WE NEED FEMALE CO.ND.OMS IN THE PHILIPPINES TOO.

Female condoms in the Philippines
Female in the Philippines

We have a long way to go in mainstreaming and reproductive health and rights in the country. But the first step is to talk about it.

With rising teenage pregnancies and HIV infections, remember to always keep it safe and sane. Kantot safely mga mamser!

PS: this is not exhaustive. There are other brands of condoms available in the Philippines but these listed here are the commonest available.

Credit: @vinceliban


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