IVF vs PGD: Combining IVF vs PGD vs PGS for genetic screening including cost. IVF genetic testing pros and cons, Preimplantation genetic diagnosis cost in Nigeria.

Today I want to take my time to talk about IVFs (in vitro fertilization) and PGDs (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) as an option for screening sickle cell traits in your unborn children… let’s explain step by step what this option looks like.

Quickly before I start with the PGDs and IVFs, I want to throw in Amniocentesis and CVS (Chorion villi sampling), they can both be used to detect the sickle cell trait when you’re pregnant done at 15-20weeks of pregnancy while CVS at 10-12weeks (but can be done as early as 8weeks).

For amniocentesis, a sample of your amniotic fluid is taken using a needle; it’s then analyzed.
For CVS, the sample is basically placental tissue;

Long and short is that the Samples are tested; if a defective result is seen, you’re advised to terminate the pregnancy.

Results could take up to weeks which means you might be terminating the pregnancy much later than you did the test. Also, apart from chance of false negative and false positive results, the procedures themselves can lead to a miscarriage.

So to prevent the need for recurrent painful pregnancy terminations, Here comes IVFs with PGDs where the embryo is tested for those genetic markers before they’re implanted in your uterus; reducing the chances of pregnancy terminations.

I can feel someone’s attention now 😁

So let’s dive into IVFs and PGDs
Rundown of the steps for IVFs

1. Step 1: Control Ovarian Hyperstimulation (COH) – it involves taking hormonal shots for almost a week to help you stimulate your ovaries

2. Step 2: Egg Retrieval – where the eggs are harvested

3. Step 3: Fertilization and Embryo Culture – involves fertilizing the eggs with a viable spermatozoa

4. Step 4: Embryo Quality – this is where tests can be done, including PGS(preimplantation genetic screening)

5. Step 5: Embryo Transfer.- Implantation of embryos in your uterus.

An entire IVF cycle can be as long as your menstrual cycle ie up to 4weeks.
If viable, the next month, the embryo is implanted and pregnancy test done at least after 2weeks of implantation all the viable fertilized eggs are screened; the ones with the defective genes are discarded while the ones without the defective genes can then be implanted or frozen for later use.

IVF vs PGD: Combining IVF vs PGD vs PGS for genetic screening including cost
Comparing IVF vs PGD and their importance in genetic testing or screening.

Side note: even after the implantation is successful and pregnancy is confirmed, you might still need to do an Amniocentesis or CVS later to confirm the Results which of course come with their own risks of false positives/negatives as well as miscarriage.

Cost: An IVF cycle can be as much as 1 million Naira (successful or not) excluding other miscellaneous.
PGD can cost from 1.6million to 4million naira

So basically, to start, just have about 3-5 Million Naira that you’re not using. And again, like gambling, success is not guaranteed.

Also, no one tells you about the mental and psychological drain that comes with each IVF cycle…

CAVEAT: PGD should not be confused with PGS or Preimplantation Genetic Screening, which is a similar technique, but for people with recurrent pregnancy loss or infertility. It uses the same technology as PGD to increase their odds for a successful pregnancy.

I hope this has been informative for you? Any other information you can’t find here, please meet your fertility doctor for more.

Pls don’t send me messages asking which IVF center I can recommend; none of them paid me for advert so I’m not preaching for any of them. This doesn’t mean I will not guide you to make the right choice though.

I hope with this I’ve been able to educate and not confuse you.

Dr Bright Oris


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