Does Orijin bitters wash away Sugar in the body?

Why do people always think that when they take something bitter their level will drop and the excess sugar in their body will be flushed out? Why? Excess sugar in the blood can cause weak erection, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, poor eye sight, poor Glycemic control, obesity and overweight.

Immediately after you have consumed all the sweet drinks, candies, foods and other sugary foods, the next thing you do is to make an attempt at washing out the sugar…. by drinking all sorts of bitters like action bitters, alomo bitters, yoyo bitters and orijin bitters. Some even take small stout (Guinness stout), bitter leaf and herbs to flush out sugar from the body.

Does Orijin bitters wash away Sugar in the body?
Does Orijin bitters wash away Sugar in the body?

Do you know that origin bitters contains a lot of sugar…. That it is bitter does not mean it has no sugar…Moreover, their are no drinks that washes away too much sugar in the body.

Don’t be deceived by the bitter taste, orijin has sugar as one of its ingredients…. See for yourself:

“Ingredients in Orijin Bitters include neutral spirits, sugar, citric acid, trisodium citrate, caramel extracts, naartire, cinnamon, thyme, chamomile and orange.”

From what you can see above, is it possible to use sugar to flush out sugar from the body? Origin contain plenty of sugar, so cannot wash out sugar from your blood stream.

VERDICT: the belief that orijin herbal bitters will help flush out or wash out or detoxify excess sugar from the body is totally false and misleading. Origin bitters or called orijin bitters even contain sugar and cannot remove excess blood sugar. Orijin bitters is an alcoholic drink and should not even be consumed by diabetics…. Orijin bitters does not lower blood sugar or blood cholesterol.

Don’t bank on orijin bitters to reduce your blood glucose as a diabetic please. It will backfire… Orijin will even increase your blood sugar instead of lowering it.

If you want to wash out excess sugar from your body, it is straight forward…..exercise more often and watch what you eat. Cut down on your intake of sugar like coke, fanta, sprite, Pepsi, bigi, mirinda, beer, and spirits. They contain loads of sugar.

Also, reduce weight and cut down on your excess calories…

Orijin bitters will not help you wash away the loads of sugar in your blood, it will only add more to it.

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