Is Zoology a good course in Nigeria? Is ZOOLOGY a lucrative and marketable career?

In Nigeria, one cannot help but wonder what to do after studying some courses because of the apparent lack of use and facilities in the country.

Zoology is one of those courses because one of your primary locations of employment as a Zoologist is a Zoo!

And in Nigeria, there is no single standard functional zoo in Nigeria today. As we know, Nigeria does not exactly provide opportunities for people who study certain professional courses. .

A good course has to have an average to large amount of Job availability, provides opportunities for higher education and career development, and most importantly of all is lucrative.

Is Zoology a good course in Nigeria?
Is Zoology a good course in Nigeria? Read this article to explain better
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Zoology is branch of biology that studies the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems.

Zoologists study animals,their behaviours, natural environments and can conduct group or independent research into a variety of areas.

Despite the name, a degree in Zoology will do more than just qualify you to work in a zoo,.

The science, research, data, analysis, and behavioural skills you will learn can make you attractive to a wide variety of organizations including charities, government agencies, universities, and research centres.

While zoologists and Vets share a lot of skills, vets are clinically trained and qualified to operate and care for animals.

Zoologists are not, and would need further training to be certified and licensed a Vet. .

The Zoology program runs for four (4) years in the university and graduates are awarded the Bachelor of Science in Zoology degree (BSc. Zoology).

Admission for the pursuit of a degree in Zoology is either by UME or by Direct-Entry (DE).

Candidates admitted by UME undergo a four-year degree programme while those admitted by Direct-Entry undertake a three year degree programme.

Like other courses, there are several areas in Zoology in which one can specialize in.

They include;

Parasitology and Public health
Animal Biotechnology
Fisheries science
Entomology (The study of insects)
Molecular Genetics
Vertebrate and invertebrate Zoology
Histology and Embryology

Zoology is such a broad field for you to explore as a career option; studying the biology of animals and animal behavior being a Zoologist offers a variety of life-changing experiences, where you get to conduct research, work with a variety of animal populations and make a difference and as such there are a mirage of work places where you can work with your degree as well as your skills as a zoologist.

As a Zoologist you can work in places such as Zoos, Genetic Engineering companies, Animal breeding units, Veterinary clinics, Research centres, Pharmaceutical companies, food and agricultural organizations, Banks, Livestock companies, and Educational institutions, Food and drug administration agencies such as NAFDAC and NDLEA, and Oil companies.

The average salary range of Zoologists in Nigeria is between 50,000 naira and 200,000 naira per month.

The salary of Zoologists like almost all other professions is dependent on the location of the job, the employer, the job description and the level of experience.

Government employees tend to earn more than their colleagues in the private sector but not in all cases.

Therefore, Zoology is not so bad to study because of the salary structure and lucrative-ness as well as its large range of job opportunities.

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