Benefits of cassava leaves and roots sexually… benefits of cassava sexually..Importance of cassava to man.

Cassava is a tuber crop. In fact; a huge source of Carbohydrates, easily grown in tropical regions like Nigeria. It is used to make different products such as akpu (fufu), garri, flour, and even tapioca. Cassava contains vitamins and minerals in adequate proportions that help strengthen immunity and boost overall health.

Just as cassava is useful to mankind, the roots and leaves are quite beneficial to man. Asides, its culinary properties, it is used in traditional medicine for so many benefits.

However, before proceeding with the benefits of these plant parts; it should be noted that in raw form, cassava and its parts are not edible and as such deemed toxic. It contains cyanide, a chemical content capable of causing acute poisoning.

Benefits of Cassava leaves and roots sexually

Cassava roots and leaves are beneficial to sexual health. They serve as natural methods used to boost libido and enrich semen in men. Due to the high amount of zinc and calcium present, they can be used to prevent as well as treat erectile dysfunction in men. More so, these plant parts can help boost testosterone levels and sperm production in persons with male infertility.

Cassava leaves can also be used for fertility, as they are believed to help boost ovulation in women and help the release of at least two eggs for twin pregnancy. They contain phytoestrogens that help boost ovulation and fertility. In turn, this increases a womans chance of getting pregnant.

Benefits of cassava sexually
Benefits of cassava sexually to man and woman

Cassava is also an excellent source of energy. The leaves and roots of this crop can help provide energy needed for work. It is considered good especially for men, as it helps provide not only with physical strength, but also helps boost stamina.

How to use cassava leaves and roots for sexual benefits

To prepare:

👉Ensure to wash the roots or leaves (any you intend using) properly.
👉Then steep into a pot of boiling water and allow to cook.
👉Once done, pour the decoction into a cup.
👉Allow to cool for a bit.

To consume; you can drink this decoction once or twice daily as you desire.
One cup in the morning, and another in the night, before bedtime.

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  1. For how long would one drink the cassava leaves concotion?
    it is necessary to drink the cassava leaves concotion with honey for sexual benefits?

  2. Wao! This is incredibly enlightening. Never thot cassava could give such benefits. But why is it that anytime a woman eat garri dry or soaked in water, there’s always black discharge and sometimes blackness in menses and occasionally prolonged menstrual bleeding.


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