can a botanist work in a pharmaceutical company?

Botanists can work almost in all jobs and with a wide range of job descriptions. Pharmaceutical companies are not an exception and are even a major workplace for Botanists because a large number of drugs and chemicals are discovered from plants, plant parts (roots, flowers, and leaves), and plant-based materials.

Botany is the scientific study of plants. It includes the study of their structure, how they grow, how they can be effectively classified, the variables that impact their development, etc. Botany is a branch of biology which is the study of all living plant life.

can a botanist work in a pharmaceutical company?
can a botanist work in a pharmaceutical company? Yes

Botanists who work in Pharmaceutical companies and are dedicated to working with plants for the purpose of discovering new chemicals substances and drugs are called Pharmaceutical Botanists.

A Pharmaceutical Botanist studies the medicinal applications of plants. Working in laboratories, greenhouses, and even in the great outdoors, Pharmaceutical Botanists collect sample of plants and study their qualities.

The ultimate goal of a Pharmaceutical Botanist is to find the new uses for various roots, leaves, and flowers that can change the world and even save lives. Expect long hours hunched over a microscope or stuck in a lab with your team, performing numerous experiments until a new discovery is reached.

Once the operative compounds and desired traits of a plat are ascertained, you may also need to determine how best to cultivate the necessary amounts of the plant, what pests or diseases attack this plant, what conditions does it need to thrive in? You often need to work on both sides of the equation: making new drugs and serums, and producing the plants they’re drawn from.

You’re part of a research team in all your efforts. Good communication skills, organization, cleanliness, safety and computer skills are a must. Everything takes place on computers, even when dealing with something physical like plants. An understanding of the complex systems online and in the real world will help you in this job.

Pharmaceutical Botanists averagely earn about 275,000 naira to 400,000 naira per month. The salary of Botanist like almost all other professions is dependent on the location of the job, the employer, the job description and the level of experience.

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