Foods to eat to get pregnant with a boy..

I read somewhere that eating special types of foods especially potassium rich foods like bananas, broccoli, potatoes, spinach and brussel sprouts or cereals like millets, maize etc will help a woman to surely conceive a boy or male child. Some even recommend alkaline foods like pawpaw, lemons, watermelon, garden eggs, dates, pineapple, tomatoes, bananas, apples, grapefruit, apples etc for women looking for a male child…to conceive boy….

Foods to eat to get pregnant with a boy
There are really no special foods to eat to get pregnant with a boy

But is this true? Are there any special foods that a woman should eat that will make her get pregnant with a boy? The answer is a huge NO… It is the man that determines the sex/gender of a child not the food the woman eats.

There are really no home remedies to help you have a baby boy other than the fortunate or natural work of X or Y chromosome.

How to increase Y sperm count for baby boy?

No way. There are no special foods, position or time of the day that will increase your chances of having a body.

Having a male child depends entirely on the man (your husband or partner). Compared to a woman that have XX chromosome, a man carries the X and Y chromosome. It is the Y chromosome that determines if your baby will be a boy.

If he gives you the sperm that carries the X chromosome, you are going to have a girl child, meanwhile, if your man pour in you the sperm that carries the Y chromosome, then you will have have a boy.

The father genetically speaking. The man has x and y chromosome and the woman x and x chromosome. The y is the male child.

Father’s sperm contains X/Y chromosome, and mother’s eggs contains X/X chromosome. So therefore:
1. If mum release (X) & Dad release (X)= Boom! XX(Baby Girl).
2. If mum release (X) & Dad release (Y)= Boom! XY(Baby Boy)

Solution= Father determines sex of the baby. 😁

The father determines the sex of a child while the mother determines the intelligence of the child.

Eating all the categories of food in the world will not make you conceive a boy child. Also don’t let all those charlatans out there deceive you with what is not real…

Thank you.

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