How to reduce the weight of baby in the womb? How to reduce baby weight at 38 weeks…How to reduce fetal weight in third trimester

A woman claims she have a big baby with weight 4.3kg want to know if it is possible for her to reduce the weight of her baby in the womb. She want to know what to do to reduce the weight of her overweight /obese baby in her womb.

Here are some of the comments of fellow women advising her on what to do to reduce the baby’s
weight while still in the womb .

“Take fruits and vegetables. Avoid too much starchy foods if you are getting closer to delivery, don’t eat Kate in the evening. Your big baby weight will surely reduce ”

“Lipton helps reduce baby weight in the womb during pregnancy, I have tried it. Drink Lipton tea early morning before eating”

“Take Lipton and reduce carbohydrates food take more of protein…. Your baby’s weight will surely reduce from 4.5kg to around 3.5kg.Also don’t take milk. I have once done this for my first pregnancy” Another commenter advised.

My expert advise:



🛑 Babies born at term usually weigh 4kg or less. Any baby born with weight above 4 kg is considered a big baby irrespective of the baby’s age ( gestational age)

How to reduce the weight of baby in the womb
How to reduce the weight of baby in the womb…Read on

🛑 Risk of complications increase dramatically when the weight of your baby goes beyond 4.5 kg. A cesarean section is usually a good idea in this case.

🛑 If your baby weighs below 4kg, you are usually considered safe to have vaginal births when it comes to the weight of their babies.

🛑 Your height, weight, medical history, etc also come into play in determining whether you are ok to have a vaginal delivery or not.

🛑 If you are a mother that has had a big baby in the past vaginally, ultrasound scans are done to monitor the weight of your baby and planned delivery is done before your baby’s weight goes beyond 4kg to reduce complications that can happen during vaginal delivery .

Determining the exact weight of your baby can sometimes be very difficult. The size of your stomach can give us a clue when it comes to the size of your baby.

🛑 If your baby is extremely big (4kg+) or bigger than your previous baby, your obgyn will discuss with you the best option of delivery.

🛑 If you had a previous cesarean section and are carrying a big baby, you will be scheduled for another cesarean section as it is very risky to push out a big baby. Vaginal birth isn’t a good idea in this case.

What puts you at risk of having a big baby?

🛑 If you’re obese, you’re likely to have a big baby

🛑 If you have diabetes ( as a result of pregnancy or type 2 diabetes) , there is a chance of having a big baby

🛑 If you carry your baby for too long ( after your due date ) you’re at risk of having a big baby. Never go beyond 42 weeks no matter what.

🛑 If you have had 4 or more babies, you’re at risk of having a big baby.

🛑 If you and your partner are big people, your baby is likely to be big as well.

🛑The older you get, the higher your risk of having a big baby ( 35 yrs and above) .

🛑If you had a big baby before, you’re likely to have other big babies in the future

🛑 Your race also influences how big your baby is ( Africans and Asia usually have big babies )

🛑 If you gain too much weight during pregnancy, you’re likely to have a big baby.

Are you or your baby at risk if he or she is big?

Having a big baby can complicate vaginal delivery.

🛑 It can put your baby at risk of getting hurt during delivery or having health issues after birth because of complications during vaginal delivery ( your baby can get stuck in your birth canal during labour requiring the use of forceps, vacuum device or an emergency cesarean section) .

🛑 You’re at risk of extremely bleeding after birth of a big baby ( your womb is extremely enlarged and can have some difficulty reducing in size after birth). This can cost you your life if not managed properly.

🛑 There is an increased risk of tears after birth that arent too pretty eg vaginal tears, tears into the rectum.

🛑 Your womb can burst during labour especially if you have had a cesarean section or certain procedures on your womb. This requires an emergency cesarean section to save you and your baby.

🛑 Your baby has a higher risk of childhood obesity.

🛑 Big babies are also at risk of having a syndrome called metabolic syndrome during childhood. This comes with increased blood pressure, a high blood sugar level and excess body fat around the waist or abnormal cholesterol levels.

All these happen together, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes in such babies.

What you need to do to decrease your baby’s weight in the womb

🛑 Dont skip antenatal care and regular ultrasounds to monitor your baby’s weight ( when nearing the end of your pregnancy)

🛑 Trust your obgyn when it comes to the decision of whether its safer to have a vaginal delivery or cesarean section, especially if you had a baby whose shoulder got stuck behind your pelvic bone. Ask questions if you have any.

🛑 Exercise during pregnancy if possible. Ask your obgyn if that’s ok

🛑 Dont gain too much weight during pregnancy. Dont overeat

🛑 Make sure you manage your diabetes during pregnancy with the help of your diabetes doctor.

🛑 Have your baby in a hospital that has an operating room and can handle complications should any arise.

💥 it’s a good idea to start making enquiries about hospitals to birth in and choose a good one to go to when you’re pregnant. ( before you’re due )

Photo below is that of a big newborn

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