Can Lipton tea reduce baby weight in the womb?

Yes Lipton can reduce baby weight or cause low birth weight if taken in excess by the pregnant woman because of it accumulated doses of caffeine. This is a fact. Normally, the amount of caffeine in Lipton is relatively safe pregnancy as it is less than 200mg but when Lipton tea is taken in excess, it can cause weight reduction and low birth weight in babies.

Can Lipton tea reduce baby weight in the womb?
Can Lipton tea reduce baby weight in the womb?

Lipton yellow label tea can also cause miscarriage and poor brain development in the unborn baby if taken in excess. If you know that you cannot take Lipton in moderation, then don’t take Lipton at all during pregnancy.

▶Effects of Low Birth Weight of Newborn Babies

🔸The effect on low birth weight babies depends on duration of pregnancy and the new born baby weight

🔸Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) or breathing problems

🔸Risk of infection is increased

🔸Blood sugar may be low

🔸Problems in feeding the baby

🔸Keeping the baby warm may be difficult

🔸The blood may become too thick because of increased number of red blood cells

🔸How to Increase Baby Weight?

🔸You can help increase baby weight and facilitate baby growth if you follow the below practices:

🔸Breastfeed the baby for healthy growth

🔸Get regular development and growth checks

🔸Keeping track of the baby’s weight gain and nutritional needs as it grows older

🔸Follow the doctor’s advice on the immunization schedule. This is very important as low birth weight babies are more susceptible to infections.

With the problems of prematurity and low birth weight you have seen so far, my candid opinion, since you do not know how much of lipton you will have to take that will make the caffeine in your blood excess, it is important you avoid taking or drinking Lipton tea in pregnancy. This is for the safety of your baby.

Don’t forget that Lipton tea can cause miscarriage or pregnancy loss if taken in pregnancy. I also learnt that some women deliberately take Lipton to reduce the weight of their unborn baby in the womb (This is mostly after ultrasound have diagnosed them t9 be pregnant with baby baby weight)

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