Can babies eat rice at 6 months, 7 months or 8 months ? Is rice bad for children?


Whether brown rice, local rice or white rice, you can introduce to kids from 6months. Interestingly, it goes down well with them as their first meals, when starting solids.

However, mix the grains that you serve. Let it gRAIN in your home with oats, millet, quinoa, barely, guinea corn, buckeheat, farro, amaranth.

Don’t eat rice daily or give to your little ones. Arsenic is higher in rice and Arsenic toxin is bad news to you and especially your babies. Their small bodies can’t stand the daily bombardment of Arsenic toxin, if you give them rice everyday (whether as the pops, the cereal, tuwo shinkafa or the pudding).

Can babies eat rice at 6 months, 7 months or 8 months ?
Can babies eat rice at 6 months? Yes

I know you will rather buy instant rice cereals, or rice baby food because it is quick to make and easy to digest. Buhhhh hey…. Instead, go for instant wheat cereal or instant oats cereal…. Arsenic toxin is higher in those store-bought ones.

If you will make your own rice cereal dry or wet, pls wash the grains properly. Also, choose white rice over brown rice. It is polished and most of the Arsenic toxin is greatly reduced.


Wondering what all these Arsenic thing is about? Here you go:

Arsenic is a naturally occurring, metalloid chemical that may be present in groundwater.

Many vegetables and plants have a tiny bit of this Arsenic chemical but it is more in rice.

Ingestion only poses health problems if a dangerous amount of arsenic enters the body.

It is rare to find dangerous amounts of arsenic in the natural environment. Areas with dangerous arsenic levels are usually well-known and provisions exist to prevent and handle the risk of poisoning.

The symptoms of arsenic toxin is serious bad news and the damaging effect is long-term.

The weight of our kids’ bodies isn’t enough to withstand and clear out high amounts of Arsenic if they eat rice meals everyday.

So, give them rice once or twice weekly, then wash and PERBOIL your rice before giving them either as rice cereal or rice meal. Lastly, forego those instant rice cereal you buy off the shelf and make yours.

This too applies to adults.

I prefer the homemade rice cereal, so if you no like rice, you will eat it in a drink form.

Style your rice cereal with lots of raisins, banana, carrots, ghee, nut powder, avocado.

Your little one will lick it all up and reward you with a glowing skin and a happy face.

In summary,  your 6 months,  7 months or even 8 months old baby can eat healthy  rice without any fear of posing health risks.

Pls like this, share with us your experiences with rice cereals, rice swallow and rice meals

I love you

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