Tongue tie surgery cost in Nigeria…

A parent whose child is suffering from some form of speech impairment as a result of tongue tie wants to know what to do…

Please i need help with my almost 4years old son. We didn’t notice he had tongue tie since he was born because it wasn’t obvious. But while growing he didn’t talk early and right now he speaks but most of the time you will hardly figure out what he is saying. He talks without moving his tongue which makes most of his speech unclear. At this point ma what do you think I should do. Hope it won’t be a problem to him when they cut it?

Please I need your urgent response
God bless you ma

I Culled this from the Facebook page of Ask The Paediatrician….I have decided to answer it here.

Tongue tie is known medically as Ankyloglossia….it occurs when the tip of the tongue is tied or tethered to the floor of the mouth…it can affect feeding and most importantly speech in many babies. Most times, tongue tie is not picked on time….but in many hospitals now, the whole body including the tongue of the baby is checked immediately after birth to be sure it is not tied and if it is noticed to be tied, it can be released immediately by the nurses or doctor with very minimal bleeding….

Tongue tie surgery cost in Nigeria
Tongue tie
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The tongue ties of male babies noticed by the parents early enough are usually released during circumcision at little or no cost.

Tongue ties that are picked late are scheduled for minor bedside surgeries…

With a local anasthesia given, the tied tongue is released and the baby goes home same day…the pain can be taken care of with syrup paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Tongue tie surgery cost in Nigeria…

It is cheap and affordable. Many govt hospitals release tongue tie for as low as #10,000 – #20,000 naira. The good thing is tongue tie surgery is covered by NHIS. If you are under NHIS, good for you…


Tongue tie is not only the cause of slurred speech in children, take your child to the paediatrician to properly evaluate him. Cerebral palsy also cause slurred/slow and incoherent speech in children.

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