Does Aptamil make babies fat?

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A mum wrote me;

Hello Doctor,

I am a mother of 10 months old baby girl. I just want to know if i can make my baby to gain weight with aptamil as she is underweight she is super active and healthy baby but her weight is only 6kg in 10 months i m giving her solids 4 times a day with all the proper nutrition but still she is not gaining weight.

Does Aptamil make babies fat?
Does Aptamil make babies fat? Yes,it helps babies gain weight

Also, she dont take bottle feed she is completely on breast feed but my breastmilk is not sufficient for her as i have low supply of milk on top of that she is reducing intake of milk she takes only 2 times feed in day and 3–4 times in between of her sleep in night time.

i am so much worried about her health and weight. I noticed that she likes aptamil infant formula though, I want to know if aptamil can make her fat and gain some weight.

Pls help me and give me suggestion that can help her to gain weight. I also need tips and other best formula milk suggestion for her weight gain program.

My answer;

It is good that your baby eats aptamil even though you states that she is choosy…

Aptamil products in the market;

Aptamil 1 Milk Powder [From Birth to 06 Months]

Aptamil 2 Milk Powder [From 06 to 12 Months]

Aptamil 3 Milk Powder [From 1 to 3 years]

You 10months old baby has aptamil 2 nutritionally tailored to her needs and weight.

💢Saftey Warnings:

Breastfeeding is best for infants. Aptamil® Infant Milk should only be used on the advice of a doctor, midwife, public health nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, or other professional responsible for maternal and child care.

💢Product Summary of aptamil:-

➡️ Aptamil is a scientifically advanced infant formula milk that assist underweight babies to gain wait and stay nutritionally healthy.

➡️Nutritionally complete infant formula with Pronutra

➡️Enriched with prebiotics, LCPs, iron & vitamins A, C, D for stronger immunity and optimal development

➡️Follow on milk tailored to complement a weaning diet


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