Side Effects and Health Benefits of ogyama leaves or Djeka leaves. How to use ogyama leaves (djeka leaves)… Side effects and health benefits of djeka leaves…name of djeka leaves in Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba languages.

Djeka leaf or ogyama leaf is a very popular medicinal plant found mainly in West African like Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin Republic etc…Djeka leaves is also found in many South African countries.

Side Effects and Health Benefits of ogyama leaves or Djeka leaves
Djeka leaves uses

Ogyama leaves is popular for its uses relieving and treating post delivery or childbirth complications, female reproductive diseases and many more in Africa.

Djeka leaves (ibube leaf) other names:

Djeka leaf in Igbo language: Nri Ewu

Djeka leaf in Yoruba language: Ewe Upa

Djeka leaf in Hausa language: ?

Botanical name of djeka leaves: Alchornea cordifolia

Health benefits ogyama leaves or djeka leaves

🔸Djeka leaves cleanses the uterus and belly of impurities, heal childbirth sores and urinary tract infections.

🔸They relieve respiratory and intestinal problems, and help increase the hemoglobin and iron levels in the blood.

🔸They are also a very good complement to the hair.

🔸Djeka leaves are very effective in the case of vaginal infections.

• Remove foul-smelling white discharge

• Alleviate and relieve painful periods

• Relieves the secret garden itch (vaginal itching)

• Remove bad smells from the secret garden (removes vagina odour)

• Heals lower abdomen wounds after childbirth

* djeka leaves contains loads of iron which is required for red blood cell production and in the treatment of anemia.

* djeka leaves are believed to help reduce painful menstruation. It also regulates menstruation.

* djeka leaves (ogyama leaves) is to cure loss of appetite, female infertility, gastric ulcers, diarrhea, amoebic dysentery and troublesome intestinal microbes.

🔺In addition, ogyama or djeka leaves tighten the muscles of the vagina.

*djeka leaves boost ovulation in women and increases their chances of getting pregnant (conception).

Side effects of djeka leaves



👉Abdominal cramps

👉Not safe in pregnancy as djeka can cause uterine contractions leading to miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

👉Ogyama leaves causes diarrhoea in some persons.

👉persons with liver or kidney disease should not take djeka leaves unless other sanctioned by a doctor.

How to use ogyama leaves or djeka leaves

🔸Wash the djeka leaves thoroughly and boil for 15 minutes then, let the juice cool and use it for personal hygiene.

🔸You can also put the lukewarm infusion in a bucket and do the sitz bath to benefit from these virtues.

🔸The leaves are also consumed warm, as an infusion by future and new brides and also by women who have just given birth. It can be drunk lukewarm, cool to taste.

🔸Make an intimate toilet with this wonderful plant, twice a week. The leaf, for more efficiency, can be combined with gongolili.


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