Gongolili health benefits and Side Effects.

Gongolili is a plant used for centuries among African women.

Indeed, the root of gongoli is widely used by women for its many health values.

It hydrates the skin and takes great care of it. It also helps to fight skin dryness and have a glossy complexion. It’s excellent anti-stress: fighting nervousness and anxiety.

On the other hand, he’s a great mate for bed. Gongolili naturally humidifies the vagina and protects against vaginal infections, odours and wounds.

It’s a tropical herb with smelly roots. Its scientific name is Vetiveria nigitana. Vetiver has many virtues: it debacts, flavors water, facilitates digestion, treats some skin conditions. Good aphrodisiac!

Gongolili health benefits and Side Effects.
Gongolili pictures

The root of gongolili is used to make medicine.
In traditional medicine, it has the following therapeutic actions: diaphoretic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, depurative, rubefacient, and sedative.

The strengthening of bones, the treatment of rheumatism, gout, arthritis, muscle aches,
dryness, cramps and dry skin are other unnamed health benefits of gongolili.

GONGOLILI root drink

A handful of gongoli roots and leaves in equal
proportion are boiled with four glasses of water until the liquid is concentrated to a quarter of a glass”. It is taken as a herbal drink.

The benefits of gongolili

The use of gongolili is beneficial for women on several levels. Firstly, it acts as an aphrodisiac, for all those experiencing a drop in libido a gongoli treatment will bring you healing. It boost your desire and pleasure.

Antiseptic and natural antimicrobial, it is also effective against intimate infections of any kind of mycosis, itching and bad odors, white losses, it leaves nothing in its way.

Gongolili soothes painful sores and positively influences healing after birth. Also, it facilitates digestion and improves intestinal transit. Finally, it has diuretic virtues which means it can help with weight loss, also usable for treating sores and bloating in children, it is an amazing plant.

How to use gongoli?

It can be used in several cold, hot, or lukewarm forms. To use it cold, it’s simple, you take a one liter can that you’ll fill with water then you’ll put the gongoli roots inside and let macerate for 24 and drink that water anytime of the day ..

It can also take herbal tea to put the roots in a clean container containing hot water and let infuse a few minutes then consume in 3 times a day.

Finally you can steam baths, put hot water in a vase then add the gongoli roots and let the steam rise for about ten minutes.

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