How to tighten your virginia with ice…Can ice cubes tighten the virgina?

If you have been looking up ways to tighten a loose virginia, you might have come across something a little bit odd. ICE CUBES. That’s right, these days, a lot ladies have been using ice cubes or cold refrigerated water as a one stop solution to all their vaginal problems especially as it relates to tigtening and yeast infection. But does it really work? Can ice cubes tighten the virgina?

As a female, one of the main ways ice cubes is said to improve the tightness of the virginia is by inserting it inside your body. This basically means just freezing or cooling your vigina with it. While ice does have the ability and freezing property of tightening your vigina, this effect is only temporary and never long lasting. Ice tightens the virgina for few minutes due to the freezing effect of ice on the vaginal muscles and mucosa. After a few hours, your virginia will return to normal or loose again.

How to tighten your virginia with ice
How to tighten your virginia with ice

While there doesn’t seem to be any proven beneficial effect to applying ice to the vigina, there is the potential for some negative ones. The vagina has its own natural PH (PH is the scale on which acidity is measured). Ice also has its own different Ph level. By applying ice to your virginia, you can completely disrupt the vagina’s natural acidity and give yourself yeast infections or introduce all kinds of other bacteria into the area.

Inserting ice inside the body of a woman makes them prone to yeast infection, toilet infection and bacterial vaginosis.

If you still aren’t convinced, and want to try ice cubes for yourself, it is usually done in the form of a natural douche or ice cube vigina wash. People usually will put the ice inside their virginia. But it doesnt usually come out well. It will cause your vigina troubles.

As you can see, when you start using things like ice cubes to try and tighten your virginia, you’re walking down a dangerous road. I would highly recommend you leave this one on the social media and adopt scientifically proven, and try some of the more proven methods of vaginal tightening such as kegel exercises, vaginal weights and vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening surgeries). They actually work better than ice.

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