How to remove smell from shoes instantly…how to get rid of smelly shoes and feet…How to remove odor from leather shoes…How to remove smell from wet shoes….how do you get bad smell out of shoes?


A friend once invited me to a church programme, after priming me with how word filled the guest speaker is, I decided to attend, not just because of what he told me but because I knew the programme would add value to my life, it was actually for the singles.

Boom, I was in church that Sunday evening, my expectations were raised and I was ready for an encounter.

Shortly after the choir’s ministration,the guest speaker ascended the podium. He was a dashing young man, dressed in a bespoken navy blue suit with a touch of red tie.He was an inspiring sight to behold and the way he carried himself told how charismatic and confident he was.

How to remove smell from shoes instantly
How to remove smell from shoes instantly

Everybody began to take notes as he spoke and the resounding side comments such as “Ride on pastor, I hear you sir,oh yes, talk to me sir” which came from different corners of the church auditorium showed how impressed the congregation were with his teachings such that they never wanted him to stop any time soon.

But suddenly, my village people came after me, a foul smell rose from God knows where.
I had thought someone seated around me farted but no, it couldn’t have been a fart because the odour lingered and then God opened my eyes 🙄🙄🙄,there was a brother seated beside me who had removed his Shoes 👟 👟 for reasons best known to him, Lo and behold, children of God, the foul smell was coming from his shoes.

I was uncomfortable and developed catarrh immediately.

God why me? Who have I wronged in my village to deserve it? How do I tell this brother that his shoes were smelling without offending him?
How do I tell him that his shoes were a source of nuisance to all and sundry? How was I supposed to cope with this? 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢

Since the auditorium was filled to capacity, the only options I had was to either stay outside the auditorium or to endure the smell till the program ends.

So I chose the later, after all he that endures to the end shall be saved, according to scriptures.

Nobody told me it was time to leave immediately the service ended.

See, whether you agree with me or not, smelly shoes 👟👟 are real ,they don’t only make you self conscious but also make others uncomfortable.

How to remove smell from shoes instantly

How do you get bad smell out of shoes?Are you wondering how to get that stench out of your shoes? Then you are at the right place .


Just as I said in yesterday’s post, smelly shoes are real, whether you agree with me or not,except if people don’t wear shoes where you live.

This could be embarrassing. Sometimes,you just want to let your feet out of your shoes so they can get some air but the consciousness that your shoes 👟 👟 may cause an offensive smell wouldn’t allow you.

But hey! There’s no need to worry if you are looking for a way to tackle this problem, I got you covered.

You will be amazed to find out that what I am about sharing with you are little things which you have neglected, nevertheless read on.


First off, you would like to know that the reason your shoes smell is because of the moisture your feet produce.

Just like any other part of your body, your feet have numerous sweat glands which produce sweat.

After a while, the bacteria on your body act on this sweat decomposing it to produce an offensive smell. So you have to deal with the moisture to deal with the odour

Some people have poor shoe hygiene.You will see some people after playing football or gymning leave their shoes in their gymn/sports bag only to discover the stench they produce when next they want to use those shoes 👟 👟

Others will just return from work or school and dump their shoes in their shoe racks without exposing them to the sun ☀ or air yet they wonder why their shoes smell.

See, you will continue to struggle with smelly shoes as long as you don’t want to up your shoe hygiene.

Take advantage of nature, always expose your shoes to air or sun ☀ after use or when damp.
The air helps to dry the moisture while the ultraviolet rays of the sun inhibits bacteria action on your shoes thereby preventing them from smelling.


You heard me right sir, show a little kindness! See, some people are stone hearted ♥. Today is Wednesday, don’t be surprised if I tell you that somebody somewhere is still wearing the same pair of socks he wore to work last week Wednesday without washing them.

Even the socks themselves are begging you to wash them but no, your stone heartedness will not allow you. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

In case you don’t know, your socks absorb sweat from your feet whenever you wear them and so it’s necessary you change your socks daily and wash them frequently to avoid people cringing as a result of the stench your shoes emit whenever you get your feet off them.

If the pair of socks you are using are all torn and worn out, please I am begging you, ejoor 🙏🙏,be merciful unto them and discard them. Remember what the Bible said “blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy ” or don’t you want to obtain mercy? 😃😃😃

You should have at least 2 pairs of socks.They don’t cost much, your #150-#200 can get you a good pair.

And to those people who wear shoes without socks, well I don’t know what your intention is but just know that you are contributing to the stinky smell your shoes produce.


Everybody( including me )has his/her favorite pair of shoe. There is always that particular shoe you like wearing so much. They are always on your feet anywhere you go. You wear them to work, party , school, church etc.

But today, I am asking you to give that shoe 👟 a break. Have pity on it. If you have 2 pairs of shoes or even more, please alternate the days you wear them.

While you are using one pair let the other pair be on day off so they can rest and get some fresh air.

If you have only one pair, please always keep them clean and sun ☀ dry them after use. If they are washable, once in a while, remove the shoe 👟 laces and insoles, wash and dry them.

Luckily, we now have shoe deodorizers that mask foul smell ,you can also get one for yourself. This will go along way to reduce that foul smell that embarrasses you.


It is important that you always take of your feet. Wash your feet every day and always keep them dry. Use good soap, sponge or pumice stone to scrub even in between your toes in order to remove dead cells and debris.

Don’t wear wet socks or shoes, they only provide a conducive environment for microorganisms such as bacteria to thrive.

If you have any foot disease or infection like athletes feet, please get treated. All these things can contribute to offensive shoe smells and feet odour.

PS: I know that there maybe other ways of getting rid of foul smells from shoes 👟 like use of baking soda but these are the things that work for me.

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