The right Dosage of Actifed Syrup or Tablets in Children and Adults.

This post came about because of the mistakes people make with how they use this drug called Actifed. Some of these mistakes have been costly while some excape without getting hurt.

A lot of people that will read this post take ACTIFED whenever they have catarrh.

This post is about the right way to use (dosage) this drug “ACTIFED”.

Actifed is for the relief of upper respiratory tract disorders and nose where catarrh occurs is in the upper respiratory tract.

A woman wrote to and complained that her three year old baby was having catarrh and that she has given him one tablet of ACTIFED in the morning, afternoon and night and there was no relief and that the baby has been crying since afternoon.

When I heard that, I was pained. Really pained.
You don’t give ACTIFED to children under the age of 6. You don’t do that and even when you make that mistake, you don’t make it 3 doses. It’s suicidal.

I don’t blame the woman and I didn’t blame her. Afterall she was trying to help her child. This mistakes happen a lot.

Babies and even adults have developed serious and fatal complications.

Mistake of the wrong usage of ACTIFED won’t kill you but the complications that will result from it will kill you.

Dosage of Actifed syrup and tablets in adults and children

The following are the things and everything you should have in mind when taking the drug ACTIFED. Note that ACTIFED has tablets and syrup


(1) From age 12 to adulthood, one tablet can be taken every four to six hours. But don’t take more than 4 tablets in 24hours.

(2) Children from age 11 to 6, half a tablet would do and not more than 2 tablets in 24hours.

(3) For children from 0 to 5years. Please don’t give them ACTIFED, try D-Coff or other cough syrup.

The right Dosage of Actifed Syrup or Tablets in Children and Adults
Please take note of the right Actifed dosing


(1)For age 11 to adulthood, 10ml for every 4 to 6 hours and not more than 40ml in 24 hours.
How do you know 10ml measurement?
Buy 5ml syringe and rinse with water. Draw the 5ml syringe to fullness twice and you have 10ml.

I usually use syringe (without needeles) because I’m not certain of the measurement of the normal spoons we usually use.

(2) For children of age 11 to 6. 5ml can be taken every 4 to 6hours but not more than 20ml in 24hours.

(3) For children age 5 to 0. Don’t use this drug on them.

For those with kidney problems, you have to limit your usage if this drug because of the ingredients of this drug called pseudoephedrine is primarily excreted by the kidney because the kidney exerts a lot of work in excreting it.

For those with liver problems, another ingredient of this drug called triprolidine is excreted by hepatic(liver) metabolism. You’ll do well to limit how you take it if you have liver impairment.

This article is the intellectual property of Emmanuel Isaiah (Dr Bill)


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