Is Ripe Banana Good for Stomach Ulcer Patients?

A lot of people in this country suffer from stomach ulcer. A lot.

There is a natural remedy and I’ll tell you why it works.

I won’t talk much about peptic ulcer because if you have ulcer, then you know how bad it is. If you don’t have it, I pray you don’t get it.

Peptic ulcer is an eroded lesion in the gastric intestinal mucosa. This means a kind of an injury/soreness to the inner walls of the stomach and intestine.

Ulcer may form in any part of the digestive tract which is exposed to gastric acid and the stomach and duodenum.

Ulcer located in the stomach is called gastric ulcer while ulcer in the duodenum is duodenal ulcer.

So, both of them are grouped together and termed peptic ulcer. That’s where the title of this post came about.

I won’t discuss the pathophysiology, so let’s jump straight to the natural cure or remedy.


In the cure for ulcer, diet is too important.
Diet can cure even the most impossible sicknesses that has puzzled science. I’ll tell you some natural remedies of ulcer with foods like ripe bananas.

The diet should be able to provide continuous neutralization of the gastric acid, afford rest to the disturbed organs, reduce mechanical and chemical irritation.

This is exactly what happens in ulcer, the gastric acid erodes the mucosa

The foods continually scratch the eroded mucosa causing mechanical irritation. Chemical irritation in terms of what you consume.

Some natural remedies are:

(1) Almond Milk. Some people don’t like the normal processed milk sold in shops and some people are lactose intolerant (plain or normal milk drink can even worsen ulcer pains in the long run, so almond milk or Greek yogurt is better). If you fall into this category, I’ll suggest almond milk.

Almond milk is made from almond fruit by blending it after the fruit has been blanched.
Blanching is heating seeds in boiling water for one minute and peeling the back.

After doing this, you grind it with a neat grinding machine and as you’re doing that, the milk will be dropping and even what you grinded out, you add little water to it and stir and you have the milk.

Almond binds with excess acid and neutralizes it and also produces grade A proteins and these are against what ulcer wants.

Now, this almond milk should be combined with the second fruit I’ll write….

Is banana good for ulcer
Ripe bananas are good for ulcer patient as it promotes ulcer healing and soothes ulcer pains.

(2) Banana. There is a joke in health and dietetics that banana has Vitamin U. The “U” means ulcer but anti-ulcer in this case.
Combining almond milk with bananas will heal ulcer… Ripe banana smoothie is also very good for ulcer patients. Banana helps reduce the stomach acidity and helps relieve ulcer pains. Eating ripe bananas helps promote ulcer healing and can even help achieve stomach ulcer cure.

So, you can now see that banana is good for ulcer. If you have stomach ulcer please eat lots of ripe bananas or drink purely banana smoothie.

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