How does postinor 2 works in the body during ovulation to prevent pregnancy? Mechanism of action of postinor 2

Postinor is also known as morning after pill or emergency contraceptive pill helps to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. But how does postinor 2 works?

How does postinor 2 works in the body during ovulation to prevent pregnancy?

3 Known Ways Postinor2 Helps To Prevent

This one issa serious something! And Please READ this article by to know the mechanism of action of postinor 2.

3 Known Ways POSTINOR2 works to prevent pregnancy:

1. If postinor 2 taken before Ovulation: It further prolongs the ovulation time till about 5-7days days later. And since this ambitious sperms can only survive for up to 5 days, definitely fertilization and subsequent implantation won’t occur.

How does postinor 2 works in the body during ovulation to prevent pregnancy?
How does postinor 2 works in the body?

2. If postinor 2 is taken during Ovulation: It’ll delay the ambitious sperm from moving to the fallopian tube where fertilization occurs. And so, before the ambitious sperm reaches the fallopian tube for fertilization, it must have been rendered inactive.

Do kindly note that some ambitious sperm swim really fast, some slow, while others moderately. Some swimn really fast to fertilize the egg and then subsequent implantation follows suite. This various movements is dependent on the male counterpart involved.! So for safety, it’s really paramount this medication is taken immediately following unprotected sexual intercourse for
those ovulating already. This is the reason some persons still get pregnant even after taking this contraceptive. They prolly must have delayed

3. Postinor2 prevents Implantation In The Uterus: In this case, fertilization processes have occurred, but the implantation is prevented. This third way by which this drug acts can be really risky! Follow me! This third mechanism of action of postinor function comes about when ovulation and fertilization has already occurred. We know that fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube. Now, for some ladies, taking the medication at this point, prevents implantation, and after 24hours of denying the egg from implanting, it is washed off.

For other ladies, the brain receives the message that fertilization has occured and so, implantation definitely must occur! Not in the uterus this time around, but in the fallopian tube, thus the condition known as; ECTOPIC PREGNANCY.

So you’ve seen that the risk increases from point 1 to point 2 and then point 3.

For this reason and for safety purposes, this medicine called postinor should be taken IMMEDIATELY following unprotected sexual intercourse and BEST before ovulation.

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  1. Can I get pregnant after taking postinor 2,four hours after a condom broke,and my ovulation came later in the day,cos I felt pain in my lower abdomen which normally happens when am was the 11th day of my cycle.


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