Can Vaseline and olive oil increase hips? How long does Vaseline and olive oil grow buttocks? Olive oil and Vaseline for bigger buttocks before and after….What does Vaseline and olive oil do to the body?

How does Vaseline and olive oil grow buttocks? I saw a lady buying Vaseline and olive oil do oh asked her the benefits of olive oil mixed with Vaseline….this is what she had to say….

How to use Vaseline and olive oil for bigger buttocks
Applying #Vaseline and #olive oil does not make bigger buttocks.

“I want to make my buttocks and hips bigger,
they are too small, my buttocks are practically flat. When I get home now, I will mix the olive oil with vaseline uniformly and there after I will apply it on my buttocks and hips morning and evening for 3 weeks… I was told olive oil and Vaseline will make my buttocks bigger, fatter, firmer, rounder and thicker after 4 weeks. I also learnt #olive oil and #Vaseline increase hip size after 3 weeks.”

When asked what vaseline and olive oil do to the body?

Another lady who specializes in selling #olive #oil and #vaseline for hip and buttocks enlargement said: “it makes bum and hip bigger. I have many customers who used olive oil and Vaseline to grow big breasts… Many of the endowed celebrities patronise me….olive oil and Vaseline makes the buttocks curvier and rounder. Applying #Olive #oil and #vaseline to your buttocks, breasts and hips is totally safe as it has no side effects whatsoever… So there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

#Olive #oil and #Vaseline are believed to work by increasing fat deposition in the #buttocks, hips and breasts. Rubbing it on these areas are believed to increase fat mobilization and encourage softness of the buttocks.

The truth:

Olive oil and Vaseline is a complete waste of time and money in growing the hips and bum, they simply don’t not work. There is no scientific evidence to show that rubbing #olive oil and #vaseline will make your gluteal muscles #bigger, rounder and firmer. What is in the olive oil and Vaseline that them able to increase fat cell size and number? Nothing special….

There are some gluteal muscle exercises and weight gain foods that can make you have a bigger backside and broader hips. There are also surgical procedures carried out by a cosmetic surgeon to augment the hip and buttocks….Brazilian buttocks Lift (BBL) us very safe if perform by an expert plastic surgeon.

Why not go under the knife if you want a bigger, rounder buttocks ? #Vaseline + #olive oil will fail you.

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