How to use banana and Vaseline for bigger buttocks fast..can banana and vaseline really make your buttocks , hips and breasts bigger?

I am very angry right now….wait, how can some persons especially ladies believe that their buttocks will become bigger , fatter and thicker just by merely rubbing vaseline and mixed with blended or sliced banana on their behind. I mean some people actually believe this obvious lie? This fake info on getting the gluteus muscles bigger originated from the social media especially Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter.

You will see all forms of ladies with big buttocks on social media saying they got their endowment from their use of banana, olive oil and vaseline. They are even bold enough to tell their unsuspecting followers that the have the banana and petroleum jelly recipe for big buttocks and they are a “DM” away from getting their desired buttock size , thick thighs and hip size. The funny thing is, a lot of other ladies who desire to have big backside and breasts patronise them in their numbers.

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See the truth is, vaseline plus banana whether crushed or blended will not make you have big buttocks fast at all. I mean, mixing vaseline and banana and rubbing it or applying it on your buttocks, hips and breasts will not make your buttocks bigger, will not make your breasts bigger, and will not enlarge your hips. It is a waste of time.

This is what the ladies on Instagram and Facebook do, they go for hips and buttocks enlargement surgeries secretly or are actually naturally endowed (you dont know them before now remember). They post their endowed pictures on social media and fellow ladies rush to ask them what is the secret behind their enlarged glutei… These ladies knowing you are desperate lie to you that they used natural products like banana and vaseline or vaseline and toothpaste to make their backside thick…they tell you that they have special preparations of banana and vaseline which when you rub will make your buttocks fatter within one or two weeks. It is all a scam to milk money from you, don’t fall for it…

How to use banana and Vaseline for bigger buttocks
How to use banana and blue seal Vaseline for bigger is fake

Banana and blue seal petroleum jelly will only make your buttocks or breasts or hips shiny and never bigger…Don’t waste your hard earned money in what doesnt works.

You want hip enlargement, breast enlargement, buttocks enlargement and thick thighs so badly? Please you need to go for surgery , there is no short cut to it. Cosmetic surgeries like brazilian buttocks enlargement (BBL), breast augmentation surgery, and hip enlargement surgery will help you achieve your desired body size and shape …it will only cost you good money running into thousands (millions) of dollars and millions of naira.

In summary, applying banana and blue seal vaseline in your buttocks, breasts and hips will not make them bigger. Please perish that thought and unwholesome or unproven practice.

Tell yourself the truth, since your have been doing it, have you achieve any result? Also why does this banana and vaseline combo spare your hands…or have they gotten bigger? Oh sorry, it can only work on your buttocks…my bad.

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