How to use Vaseline and toothpaste for bigger buttocks?

So guys, there is absolutely nothing you will not see on the internet…the good, the bad and the ugly is actually there..The annoying part is that the fakest forms of health advice concerning our body especially as regards enhancing our body can be found there. Why am I saying this?

I came across an article on Facebook where the author who described herself as “a bigger buttocks and bigger breasts plug” was boldly advising her followers who are interested in body augmentation to mix Vaseline and toothpaste (Macleans, close up, oral B, or colgate) and rub in a circular manner on their buttocks, hips or breasts to make them bigger and fatter. She was practically saying that a blend of Vaseline and toothpaste, when applied on the backside can make the buttocks bigger (Vaseline and toothpaste can be used for buttocks enlargement in simple terms).

How to use Vaseline and toothpaste for bigger buttocks
How to use Vaseline and toothpaste for buttock….it doesn’t work.

It was even more shocking to me when I noticed that none of the commenters among her thousands of her followers disagreed with her on this bogus claim….a lady even posted a picture and commented that her buttocks and hips which was initially flat was enlarged over 3 months when she started rubbing a a mixture of toothpaste and vaseline morning and night.

But how true are these claim? Can a mixture of toothpaste and vaseline be used be for buttocks and hip enlargement?

This is not true…I know it is the desire of many ladies to have a bigger backside according to recent trends but common on, applying a blended mixture of toothpaste and vaseline or Vaseline and banana on your behind is not the way you will achieve it. It does not work…Rubbing toothpaste and vaseline morning and night or even three times daily in your buttocks will not make your buttocks bigger , rounder or smoother neither will it give you bigger hips. Don’t waste your time and money…There is absolutely no relationship between gluteal muscle and fat enlargement and toothpaste + vaseline. Vaseline does not increase fat in these areas.

Since vaseline (pomade) and toothpaste does not work on the buttocks , what now works?

Answer: Surgery, buttock augmentation surgery Brazilian buttocks lift (BBL), buttocks implant , fat transfer etc

The buttocks are not easily enlarged by weight training or diet.

According to, “Individuals that wish to enlarge, lift, and reshape the buttock mounds have two options:

1. Enlargement with fat transfer using your own fat,

2. A variety of different size and shape buttocks implants from which the patient can choose from.

The decision is made depending on each person’s individual desires and on their general body build. Generally, anyone in average physical condition or good health is a candidate for buttocks augmentation surgery.”

Some ladies with endowed buttocks are as a result of genes don’t forget…

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