POLYGYNAX: Composition, Uses, Indications, Contraindications, Dosage, Side Effects & Price.

What is Polygynax used to treat?

👉Local treatment of vaginitis due to sensitive germs

👉treatment of non-specific vaginitis.

👉Vaginal yeast infection

👉Bacteria vaginosis (BV)

👉Cervical inflammation

Side effects of Polygynax

👉Vaginal burning/itching;
👉gritty sensation in the vagina;
👉stomach pain or nausea may occur

Is Polygynax an antibiotic?

Yes.. #Polygynax is both an antibiotic and an anti-fungal drug. It is both antibacterial and antifungal..It is antiviral..meaning it does not that infections causes by viruses.

POLYGYNAX Composition/Ingredients

It contains neomycin, polymycin B and nystatin. Unlike klovinal pessary, It does not contain lactobacillus which helps maintain the microflora of the vagina environment. Excipients: Tefose 63®, hydrogenised soybean oil, dimethylpolysiloxan, gelatin and glycerol.

POLYGYNAX: Composition, Uses, Indications, Dosage, Side Effects & Price
#Polygynax is a popular drug for vaginal infections.

#Polygynax discharge

Yes, the drug may dissolve and behave live a vaginal discharge but it is not to worry about.  It is still very effective against (almost) all forms of vaginal discharge including for vaginal yeast infections.

Polygynax in pregnancy and use during breastfeeding

It is not safe in pregnancy and in lactating mothers. The use of #polygynax is not recommended during pregnancy. This drug must not be taken while breast-feeding. In general, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always ask their doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this drug.

Can Polygynax be used during menstruation?

Not advisable but possible depending on your ddoctor’s advice. But for me,  I think use of #polygynax makes everything messy and less effective in the treatment of vagina infections… Wait till after your period before using it…Yo are not sure that what you inserted will not be flushed out by period blood.

Can Polygynax prevent pregnancy?

Don’t waste your time and energy, polygynax DOES NOT prevent pregnancy.. It is not a contraceptive. If you have had unprotected sex and you want to prevent unintended pregnancy, then go and take Postinor or Postpill.

Polygynax alternative

Gynefort and klovinal are good alternatives to polygynax. Some doctors prescribe klovinal in its place.

How long does Polygynax take to work?

Immediately you start using this drug as directed, you will start seeing some relief of your symptoms (smelly vaginal discharge) within 3 days. Even when you notice the discharge has stopped, don’t stop inserting the capsule. Medically, it should be taken for 12 days to get maximum benefits.

Dosage/Direction for Use

Insert 1 vaginal capsule at night for 12 days. Ensure you apply it at night. You can insert it with or without an applicator.

How do you insert a Polygynax capsule?

Place one capsule deep in the vagina for 12 days. It is preferable and easier to
insert the capsule while lying down on your back with the knees apart.
Practical advice :
• to avoid contaminating the people around you, use your own face cloth and
• wear cotton underwear
• avoid vaginal douches
• avoid using tampons during treatment
• do not stop treatment during menstrual periods(according to some physicians)
• your physician may also treat your sexual partner in order to avoid reinfection

How many days to use POLYGYNAX? How long should one use the pessary?

You can use the pessary for a duration of 12 days. Ensure you insert as directed to achieve maximum results.

Does Polygynax treat yeast infection?

Of course yes. Vagina candidiasis (yeast infection) is caused by the overgrowth of fungus called candida albicans..#polygynax has antifungal properties and can therefore be used to treat yeast infection.

When not to use polygynax – Contraindications

Hypersensitivity(allergy). Concurrent use with diaphragm, latex condoms and spermicides (risk of inactivation and reduced efficacy). Do not use condom with condoms… Persons with renal disease should discuss with their physician first before using #polygynax ovules.

Polygynax price in Ghana

In Ghana, #polygynax is sold for about GHC 100 Ghana Cedis.

Polygynax price in Nigeria

The price of polygynax in Nigeria is between #5,000 – #6,000 Naira. In Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu and Benin, #polygynax ovules can cost as high as #7,000 Naira.





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