For the purpose of knowing the content, Klovinal pessaries is a combination of clotrimazole, metronidazole (flagyl) and lactobacillus spores used for the treatment of vaginal infections-both fungal and bacteria such as vulvovaginal candidiasis (yeast infection), pelvic inflammatory disease(PID), bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. Klovinal is a pessary that treats the causes of vaginitis and restore the vaginal acidic balance (vaginal ecosystem) or normal flora. It is very useful against recurrent vaginal infections.

When the vagina is associated with itching, redness, and discharge either profuse, coloured, or malodourous- it is a sign of infection.

The metronidazole (flagyl) is an antibiotic effective against bacteria and protozoa. It is bactericidal.It is effective against anaerobic organisms and diseases caused by protozoa such as trichomoniasis. It works by killing the bacteria or protozoan and preventinh their growth.

The clotrimazole is a broad spectrum antifungal effective against diseases caused by fungi such as candidiasis or yeast infection. It works by killing the fungal and preventing its growth.

Other common drugs used to treat vaginal infections like candidiasis, vaginosis and trichomoniasis are mycoten, sabreten, canesten and candid V6. They are not broad spectrum as they contain only clotrimazole meaning these drugs only treat infections caused by fungi. Clotrimazole is not active against infections caused by bacteria or protozoan.

The cost/price of klovinal in Nigeria is around #4,500 naira per packet. Each packet contains 6 tablets. #KLOVINAL price in Ghana is 35 cedis.

How to use Klovinal pessary without stress.

One (1) #Klovinal pessary should be inserted into the vaginal as deeply as possible once daily with your fingers or an applicator. It should be used for six (6) days preferably on retiring to bed at night.

Do not use tampons, douches, vaginal wash, feminine wash, yoni pearls, baking soda, apple cedar vinegar, spermicides or other vaginal products while using this medication.

Continue to use this medication everyday for the full time prescribed, even if symptoms disappears after a few days, or if your menstrual period starts.
Stopping #klovinal too soon may allow the infection to return and this time worse and harder to treat. Please complete the dose and duration of taking it.

If you are pregnant, please see your doctor before using klovinal. Klovinal is not safe in pregnancy because it can cause congenital birth defects.

Can a virgin use klovinal pessary?

Of course yes. Not all vaginal infections are sexually transmitted and virgins are not exempted from having vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Virgins with any of these diseases can comfortably insert #klovinal. Nothing to worry about, carefully inserting #klovinal will not lead to breakage of your hymen. Just take extra care when using the inserter or applicator.

How long does it take for Klovinal to dissolve?

A properly inserted #klovinal vaginal pessary dissolves within 10 – 15 minutes after insertion.

KLOVINAL Pessaries side effects?

Ladies who use klovinal pessary have complained of burns, burning sensation, stinging sensation in the vagina, slight pains, lower abdominal cramps, stains from leakage after dissolving, nausea and vomiting etc ….There may be some side effects that have not been reported yet. There are reports that klovinal is painful….this may be true from anecdotal side effects observed….many women that have used it before have almost always reported pain in the lower abdomen after taking it.

Some frequently asked questions about klovinal

Klovinal Pessaries for uti?

#Klovinal is not used for the treatment of of urinary tract infection please…

Does Klovinal hurt during insert?

The answer is NO, you may feel a little discomfort but it does not hurt.

Does Klovinal delay period?

The answer is no.

How to know if Klovinal is working?

It is easy, you symptoms like itching, discharge, smell, and abdominal discomfort gradually begin to resolve and you feel better.

Can I use Klovinal in the morning?

Yes, you can use #klovinal anytime or the day including morning….but you will have to put a little pad or wear a cotton liner underwear to avoid discharge that may arise from the dissolution of the drug so as not to embarrass you in public.

Can Klovinal prevent pregnancy?

#Klovinal pessary is not a contraceptive so it cannot prevent pregnancy…

Can Klovinal be used in pregnancy?

Please don’t use #Klovinal during pregnancy…both clotrimazole and metronidazole has some teratogenic properties and therefore could cause birth defects especially if taken in the first trimester

Can I use Klovinal during ovulation?

The answer is yes, nothing stops you from using Klovinal during ovulation and even while menstruating ….

Can Klovinal cause bleeding?

#Klovinal is not a hormonal contraceptive or a contraceptive at all. So it cannot cause bleeding.

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  1. Very educative post..thanks for sharing. Can fluconazole 200mg tablet and klovinal pessary be used concurrently? I ask cos my doctor recommended I take fluconazole and mycoten pessary for candida but I would like to know my options..thank you

  2. Please doc can I used mycoten in place of klovinal for candida? I couldn’t get klovinal in all the pharmacy I checked at ikorodu.

  3. My doctor prescribed Klovinal for my wife which she used, now she is 8 weeks pregnant and she is still seeing some white fluid discharge and rashes in her vagina, can she use Klovinal again even though she is pregnant???

  4. Dr. I find d klovinal pessarry to be a scam…it turned out to be more of a cream and when I tried to insert it, it just wouldn’t get off the applicator as it was more soluble..can I put it in the freezer to solidify it or just buy another pessarry entirely…can u pls prescribe another as my Dr gave me klovinal because it was less antibiotic .

  5. I started using klovinal and I had my period two day after I started using it .
    I started using it after my period and I have spotted another blood in two days so should I stop using it???

  6. Pls after 6 days of using klovinal can i hav sex or make love with my husand on d 7th day. Pls help looking forward to conceiving dis month

  7. I used klovinal october and it did work now i start feeling itching again i used the klovinol immediately i inserted i started burning inside burning lasted for 5mins.pls y the burning i didnt get the feeling wen i used it in October why now

  8. Am 3 months pregnant n av vaginal hitching n doctor gave me klovinal to insert in after i was diagnosed, but am scared to use it .

  9. Please how many days before the discharge stops or u get cured after completing the
    6days klovinal treatment..🙏because I am done with it today..Buh I can still see little discharges

  10. I started using klovinal, today is the 3 day of using but I still perceive strong odour down there. I don’t know if it’s working or not bcz I’ve not seen any improvement, any suggestions Pls.. Note: Am taking it with metronidazole pill

  11. Hi so I’ve been feeling some pains in the left side of the wall of my vagina, i checked if there was anything there but I didn’t see anything. I was previously diagnosed with HPV & it was treated. Subsequent times I saw a doctor & I was told there’s nothing there I know they said never google your symptoms but I did. So I saw it could likely be a vaginal infection. I got Klovinal yesterday & I’ve started treatment. I got a burning sensation from it, does the burning mean anything?

  12. I had sex with my husband on the fourth day of inserting Klovinal… please what should I do because after reading the comments section where you told a lady not to have sex after inserting the drugs I became scared…Dr. should I repeat the dosage…. please what should I do????

  13. I get this funny smell in my vagina. And it gets very obvious when I am on my period or about to get my period.
    Please what is the cause of this and should I use Klovinal?

  14. Hi, please I already spoilt a dose of klovinal because I didn’t know I was supposed to freeze it first before using. Should I buy a whole new pack or is the remaining 5 dose enough?

  15. I have been having burning sensation when passing urine when I’m close to my period.but now it comes even when my period is not close and its often.I was abused sexually and now i have pain when i have sex…i went to the hospital and i was given klovinal to insert, but after inserting liquid comes out followed by some white powdered substance(i think its the klovinal) and the burning sensation is still there.and i just realized the burning sensation is severe around my vulva.please i need help

  16. Hello Am 3 months pregnant and had infection which the doctor prescribed Klovinal for me,Is it save to use as I saw its not safe for pregnant women

  17. I used klovinal for the first time and a liquid was coming out from my virgina. I want to know if it is normal and safe for me to continue treatment

  18. please help me I don’t know what to use for vaginal fishy odour, have tried many course of antibiotics but it still reoccurring should I use klovinal

  19. Good evening sir, I use the klovinal this night as instructed by the pharmacist, few seconds after inserting it .. I started having this burning sensation in my virginal it was so hot that I had to remove it and wash my virginal with water. I want to know if thats the normal reaction and if I should continue using it or discontinue. Please reply as soon as possible. GOD BLESS YOU

  20. Good day. Please, I’m 14 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed klonival for me because of the way I feel. Is it safe?

    • Personally, i don’t advise it….You baby is at its early stage of development… Klovinal at 14weeks pregnancy is not safe to me and medically because it can cause birth defects.

      Discuss your concerns with your doctor. Thank you.

  21. Dear Doc, I HAD SEX DURING MY ADMINISTRATION OF KLOVINAL. Please, what do i do? Does the intercourse I have ruin everything??

  22. How can I insert klovinal vagina passary been a virgin Please, it will be a little difficult for me, please is there any other drugs I can take to stop the toilet infection ?

  23. How can I insert klovinal vagina passary been a virgin, it will be difficult for me, please is there any drugs I can take for the toilet infection Instead of the klovinal?

  24. I have been using just klovinal for 4 days now but I still see redness in my vagina..the itching has reduced a bit tho… what should I do?

  25. I have been taking klovinal for 4 days now but I still see redness in my vagina..although the itching has reduced… what should I do?

  26. I was diagnosed of streptococcus and my doc recommended klovinal as part of my treatment. I am confused cos i goggled and didn’t see klovinal as a treatment for it

  27. I just finished one pack of klovinal precribed to me from the pharmacy, tho am feeling ok..but can i get another pack and use for prefect healing?

  28. Hello sir, pls ave not seen my period for 4 month now and a swollen stomach and am not pregnant can yeast infection delay Menes and can klovnal cure it

  29. Pls doc ,I used klovinal for the first time ,I noticed that it was peppering me and not comfortable when I inserted it , hope I’m save ?

  30. Please doctor, I had met with my boyfriend and he started scratching his pubic area, please what can be used to cure him and I am using Klovinal to cure myself

  31. Please can a 16 weeks pregnant woman use klovinal. And hope it won’t cause deformity to the child???
    Please respond Asap😥🙏🙏

  32. Please doctor. I have an infection which took me to the hospital, then my doctor gave me klovinal to insert. The day i was supposed to start with the insertion, i discovered i was pregnant then my doctor advised i don’t use it until am 4months gone. But i read that klovinal is not safe for the baby. Can i still use the klovinal when my pregnancy is 4months or can i substitute it for any medicine that can cure infection??
    Thank you

  33. Good morning,please I started using knovinal pessary two days ago and am still seeing discharge. I hope is okay or should I be worried

  34. Please Doc,how can a virgin insert klovinal without breaking the hymen? Is there another way of preserving klovinal apart from putting in the fridge because we don’t have fridge?and lastly can I use longrich panty liner in the morning after using klovinal in the night?

  35. I just finished taking klovinal as doctor prescribed , hope it will make my period flow well and also my ovalution to flow well because I need that baby seriously.

  36. Please doctor, can klovinal stop 11 days pregnancy?
    Please help me am always crying cos my parents will kill me
    What pill can I use to stop the pregnancy please, reply me🙏😭

  37. Please doctor, can klovinal stop 11 days pregnancy? Please help me I’m always crying everyday cos my parents will kill me
    Please sir what pill is best to stop it now that it’s still early, help me please🙏😭

  38. Please Doc, i used klovinal and Augumentine for Trichomoniasis and candidiasis in 2015 which worked very well for me. now i have the same symptoms i had then, can i used only klovinal without Augumentine? then, i hope there wont be re-infection if i meet with my Hubby.

  39. Good evening sir have been using klovinal for two days now i have been going to the toilet to hiss with white discharge and going frequently hope no problem sir

  40. Hi Dr,

    Please is Klovinal safe to use during pregnancy (late second trimester)? I saw somewhere that said “…risk of congenital birth”

  41. Pls at what trimester of pregnancy can the use of klovinal cause birth defect.
    My doctor prescribed klovinal at 26weeks of my pregnancy. Hope it’s safe

  42. Hi doc, after I insert the klovinal inside my body minutes later I feel that something is coming out of my body like water and my underwear gets socked
    Pls what does that mean?

  43. I’m 11 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed klovinal to treat my infection but I’m seeing something like not safe during pregnancy, I’ve used 2 can I discontinue use

  44. Doctor I’m always having inflammation and itching on my vaginal and white discharge and feeling pains on my lower abdomen can I use klovinal

  45. After inserting the klovinal, it dissolved after 10_15 minutes, does it discharge after dissolving and how do I know is effective?

  46. It is very effective 😊
    I started using klovinal three days ago
    And have seen a lot of changes
    No more itching
    No more smelly discharge 😊

  47. Hello Doc, I started using Klovinal pessary 3 days ago and since then. I have been noticing frequent urination. Hope I’m safe?

  48. Hi doctor, I had using a klovinal finish of 6days but I see white confuse yellow little durling full bright hope am safe???

  49. Hello doctor , pls I bought klonival. And noticed each insert is wrapped with a nylon wrap. Do I insert it like dat or cut and open it and insert the cream only?
    Is it safe to insert the whole wrap? Will it dissolve?

    Thanks for your prompt response.

  50. Good evening doc, please I was having vaginal discharge last week friday, went to hospital for test as I was waiting for the results, I took fluconazole and doxycycline tablets. Now the result is out and I’m not having discharge again but my doctor prescribed that I take fluconazole and klovinal, is it safe for me to still take the drugs please?

  51. Good day doc I bought the klovinal already but then I realised I’ll have to insert it in my vigana pls hope is not going to break the hymen because am feeling some kind of uncertainty, Your reply will be appreciated 🙂 .

  52. Gud evening doctor. Please after using klovinal my menstrual cycle has been delayed for three days. I hope it is normal

  53. So basically I used it and it started peppering me immediately
    What does that mean please
    It reduced after like 5 minutes but it was so intense before
    This is the first time I’m using it

  54. Please doc I used klovania according to doctors prescription .but immediately after insertion it comes out in a watery chalklike form .
    Is it a positive reaction or is there any thing i can do about it?

  55. Please I already saw my period a week ago before I bought klovinal and used it after the first night of inserting it I started bleeding 🥺😔 I want to know if I should stop using it and I really need to know if there’s any cus of alarm 🥺😔pls I need to know

  56. My doctor prescribed klovinal,ketoral cream and fluconazole tablet for me, from the test I had strea of staph and yeast,buh recently I have been having itching and white discharge, please should I still repeat the treatment?

  57. I was having itching, I took loratidine but the itching did not subside. I checked my sef and found a thick whitish discharge that I couldn’t take out. I got klovinal. Is it ok for treatment?

  58. Pls my doctor prescribed klovinal for me at 19weeks pregnant, I used it and it’s stop a while but I was still having one insert left, I stop and it’s started again now with itching, can I still use it again For d second time

  59. hello doctor gud afternoon pls l didnt see my peeiod this monrh bcos of lnfection if l use this product can it come out pls help me oooo

  60. Good evening doctor, please I want to know the name of the infection that makes one part of the Virgina to swellop, I have use klovinal, adcipro-tin, flucat 150, and gynaemed cream. But it still comes back after some months, but I did not finish my klovinal at first but when it comes back I no complete it, can I re use klovinal and treat it.
    Sir please I need advice and tell me the name and causes

  61. Hi doc, please I start using klovinal for the first time and my period came, I stopped and after the period I started using it again will it work please

  62. Hi Doc. Iam 23weeks pregnant an my doctor prescribed Klovinal to me. Please is it safe for me and my child? This is the 3 time I’m using it in my second trimester.


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