Golden Morn: Health benefits, Side effects, Nutritional Facts & More.

This article will answer all these questions about golden morn:

1. Is Golden Morn healthy for weight loss

2. Is golden Morn good for diabetics

3. Golden Morn vs corn flakes

4. Is Golden Morn a fatty food

6. Golden Morn ingredients

7. Golden morn cereal Nutritional information

8. Golden Morn nutritional facts

9. Chemical composition of Golden Morn

10. Calories in Golden Morn

11. Is Golden Morn fattening?

Golden morn, produced by Nestle Nigeria PLC, also known as cerevita in Ghana is not only a readily available meal for your information . It is also a nutritious, creamy, satisfying, yummy and healthy cereal meal made from locally sourced whole grains. It is fortified with all sorts of vitamins, minerals and other forms of essential nutrients.. Golden morn can be eaten by both the young, old and children. It can be taken as snacks or eaten as real food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Golden morn health benefits
All you need to know about golden morn

In Nigeria and most African countries, Golden morn is used as one of diet for complementary feeding especially when a child is been weaned from the mother’s breast milk.

That said I want to now fully answer the numerous questions we have all been asking about golden morn.

Health benefits of golden morn

1. It is a rich source of Iron and therefore a key component of hemoglobin and red blood cell production. Treats anemia

2. Contains slot of fibre. In fact, more that 50percent of golden morn is fibre… A high fibre diet is good for both gut health, weight loss and treating constipation.

3. It is fortified with vitamin A… which is good for healthy eyes, heart and lungs. Vitamin prevalents night blindness and good for the regeneration of the intestinal lining.

4. Since golden morn contains vitamin C, it is good for the removal of stress agents like reactive oxygen species.

5. Golden morn contain soya, a very rich plant protein. Soya contains essential amino acids which is useful in the development of muscles, skin, blood cells and bones.

6. The sweet meal contains potassium and sodium which are essential for the normal function of the heart and brain.

7. Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth and prevents osteoporosis.

8. Golden morn is gluten free… It is therefore good for persons with gluten intolerance and even inflammatory bowel disease.

Golden morn Ingredients and composition

Whole maize flour, sucrose, soya bean flour, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, acidity regulators: potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate, ferrous fumarate, Vitamin A, contains Soya, Iron, Energy/calorie, Calcium, Proteins, Dietry Fibre. This nutritional information was gotten from the label of golden morn and the manufacturers.

What is golden morn made from?

Golden Morn is made from maize (corn) in flour form which makes it easy to prepare. It is well processed and mixed with millet and soya before fortifications with vitamins and essential nutrients that are ideal for both young and old.

Side effects of golden morn

1. Allergies

2. Passing excess gas, flatulence, wind, bloating

3. Diarrhoea, running stomach

4. Abdominal cramps

5. Vomiting

6. Taking golden morn in excess, may blunt your system’s ability to absorb iron.

Is Golden Morn a fatty food?

No….it mainly carbohydrates fortified with vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins. Though may contain some fats, Golden is not in any way a fatty food.

Calories in Golden morn

187 calories.

Is Golden Morn healthy for weight loss or weight gain?

Yes… Golden morn is highly recommended for persons trying to reduce their weight… This is because, it contains low calories, it is rich in proteins and fibres. It meets the criteria for a meal that helps for weight loss. Are you trying to slim down? Add golden morn to your meal plan. Golden morn is not fattening and cannot make you gain extra weight.

Is golden Morn good for diabetics?

Ate you diabetic and don’t know how to go about eating the right meal? Worry no more.. dietitians and endocrinologists strongly recommend golden morn and corn flakes for diabetics. This is because, they do not excessively raise blood sugar and they contain low fat.

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Golden Morn vs corn flakes..What is their difference?

Both golden morn and corn flakes are similar. However there are some salient points to note. Cornflakes contain more calories than golden morn…

Cornflakes = 357 calories

Golden Morn = 187 calories.

Cornflakes can cause weight gain compared to golden morn .

Moreso, they are from different manufacturers. cornflakes is produced by Kellogg Company while golden morn by Nestle company.



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