How to treat Jedi Jedi naturally at home

Are you suffering from jedi jedi?

Jedi-Jedi is a serious health challenge to many persons but to avoid being ridiculed, people remain mute and not talk about it. Jedi Jedi a Yoruba termed is a symptom-complex that affects all races including whites, blacks, young, old, male, female and even children. Many men with Jedi Jedi have low libido , low back pain , piles and the inability to last long in bed without the aid of medication to boost erection. However, low back pain and premature ejaculation are the major symptoms of Jedi-Jedi.

There are 5 or more symptoms of Jedi-Jedi:
1) Lower back pain
2) Erectile dysfunction
3) hemorrhoid
4) Constipation and more( farting, bowel issues, flatulence )
5) Premature ejaculation

Jedi Jedi for sure, is a medical condition that will warrant you going to see a medical doctor because it may be a sign of something more sinister such as breast cancer in women and prostate cancer on men…. Take note that both types of cancer prevention fond of spreading to the spine causing the usual low back pain especially in the old and middle aged.

How to treat Jedi Jedi naturally at home

Before going to see a doctor,try these natural home methods to cure jedi jedi. They’re working well, see them below;

1. Bitter leaf and Scent leaf – Do you know that using both the bitter leaf and scent leaf extract could help relieve the pains associated with hemorrhoids? Extracting the juice from the bitter leaf, and mixing it with the juice extracted from the fragrance or scent leaf before drinking it may help improve the symptoms of piles but not low back pain. The combo is anti-inflammatory and reduces the swelling plus pains in the engorged anal blood vessels. Then, take twice daily half glass cup for 3 days. You’ll be shocked to see the outcome.

How to treat Jedi Jedi naturally at home
Low back pain (waist pain) is a key symptom of Jedi jedi

2. Good diet – You need to increase the fiber intake first of all. Fiber is present in plant foods like grains, beans, and berries. Our bellies don’t digest it. Instead, fiber moves through and allows timely cleansing of the intestines. It prevents constipation and maintains a healthy gut plus weight loss. Eventually, it stops or eases the symptoms of jedi jedi. Reduce the amount of fatty foods and red meat you consume. These foods may lead to constipation and worsen the condition you have including polutting you at risk of colon cancer.

3. Drink up – Ingestion of the right quantities of fresh water is important. It flushes the Intestine and helps digestion. Water also soften stool and minimizes the stress on the anus.

4. Vitamin C – This keeps you veins strong and safe. Eating foods such as lime, lemons, oranges, red berries and tomatoes is therefore an important boost for everyone. Recommended for all individuals, including pregnant women. Vitamin will safeguard you from jedi Jedi

5. Exercise – Sitting a lot leads to constipation and the condition gets worse of you spend too long in the toilet. Motion helps you keep your stomach and veins healthy. Regular exercises can fix the problem but lifting weights should be avoided.

6. Avoid smoking and alcohol totally.

CAVEAT: after all these home remedies, seeing a doctor is a must… Pay the hospital a visit today or talk to us.


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