Best pigmentation Cream in Nigeria & hyperpigmentation treatment in Nigeria, Melasma treatment Cream in Nigeria.

Vitamin c.
Kojic acid.
Alpha arbutin.
Azelaic acid.
Licorice extracts.

Are ingredients that creams, lotions or oils that can be used to correct hyperpigmentations and acne dark spots must contain. Hyperpigmentation is also know as uneven tone, dark spots or melasma.

They can brighten the skin as well, and by brightening, I mean improve dullness of tone, not necessarily bleaching.

One or two of these ingredients should be in your routine with sunscreen as the bedrock if you’re concerned about improving your skin tone and banishing dark spots.

Best pigmentation Cream in Nigeria
Best pigmentation Cream in Nigeria

Sunscreen prevents aging, wrinkling, skin cancer, and hyperpigmentation. Use it everyday.

Don’t sleep on that Azelaic acid and Niacinamide though.

Azelaic acid has anti bacterial properties making it capable of lightening up acne dark spots at the same time killing any bacteria that could cause acne.

Niacinamide brightens, hydrates and helps regulate sebum production.

They generally tackle sunburn.

Sunscreen is the goddess. Bow before her.

Skincare isn’t really difficult you see.

These are all you need. I mentioned toners earlier today that could contain some of the ingredients listed above.
If it does, no need trying to acquire the actual product. Your toner is good to go.

So a simple routine; Cleanse + tone + treat (with any of the above ingredients) + sunscreen.

Can all of the above mentioned ingredients be used on oily skin? Yes of course! That Niacinamide can even help you control your oil production so you don’t produce too much.

Important question, would a body lotion that contains UV filters, SPF protect the skin enough or one practically need to get a stand alone sunscreen product?

Is it better to use niacinamide in the morning or at night? Or it doesn’t really matter?Well it is recommended you use niacinamide day and night.

What type of product do you recommend for the niacinamide and azelaic acid? 👇

The ordinary niacinamide
The inkey list niacinamide
The ordinary azelaic acid suspension.

A body cream or lotion that contains SPF is very appreciated for your body.

But get an actual sunscreen to protect your face and neck.

Are you having a recurrent hyperpigmentation like this lady that made this tweet below?

Answer: You already use vitamin c but you don’t use it everyday. You can use Niacinamide serum because it brings relief and hydration alongside getting rid of the sunburn and some forms of hyperpigmentation.

Then wear sunscreen daily whether you have sunburn or not. Its the surest protection.

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