Health benefits of Ukwa in pregnancy: Is ukwa good for pregnant woman?

You are pregnant and you are not eating Ukwa popularly called breadfruit in English Language?🙄🙄 You think you are doing me? You are doing yourself.

So, nobody told you that ukwa contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid that every pregnant woman needs?

The Omega 3&6 fatty acid provide support for your baby in the womb. You have been googling to check if Ukwa is good for pregnant women since Time knows when but today, I am going to let you know that Ukwa good is healthy and safe for pregnant women. They should enjoy the food for they have nothing to worry about. Contrary to widespread beliefs, Ukwa does not cause pregnancy loss or miscarriage. A pregnant woman can eat Ukwa from early pregnancy till delivery.

Nutritional value of Ukwa (breadfruit)

Vitamin A

Vitamin B

Vitamin C

Vitamin E





Below are some of the:

Medicinal Properties, Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Ukwa in Pregnancy

💥Ukwa is rich in folic acid which helps prevent congenital birth defects like spina bifida and brain malformations in unborn babies.

💥 Eating Ukwa helps prevent pregnancy induced acne

💥Ukwa is rich in dietary fiber and helps maintain weight loss in pregnancy

💥Ukwa treats constipation in pregnant women and promotes bowel health because of its fibre content.

💥Ukwa usually added to the meal plan of pregnant women with gestational diabetes since it helps maintain and lower blood sugar.

💥Ukwa is rich in vitamin B1 which is necessary for the development of the brain and nervous system of your unborn child.

💥Since breadfruit or Ukwa is rich in iron, it helps in the production of hemoglobin, production of red blood cells, and treats anemia in pregnancy.

Health benefits of Ukwa in pregnancy: Is ukwa (breadfruit) good for pregnant woman?
Health benefits of Ukwa in pregnancy

💥 Protein is essential for the growth and development of both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. Ukwa being rich supply the necessary amount of proteins needed for the growth and development of the foetus while the mothers womb.

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💥Ukwa provide the necessary energy needed for the day to day activities of the pregnant woman.

💥Ukwa contains vitamin A which promotes good eyesight and the development of the eyes in the unborn baby.

💥The high vitamin C content of ukwa make sure it promotes the development of healthy skin, promotes collagen formation and wound healing, promotes the absorption of iron from the gut and boosts the immune system.

💥 The omega 3 and fatty acids help the fetus grow optimally.

Is ukwa good for pregnant women? Yes. Enjoy you bread fruit meal in pregnancy. It is beneficial to both your unborn baby and you.


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