I want to talk about the popular Hausa snack called Kuli Kuli today under the following headers:

➡️Kuli Kuli health benefits
➡️Kuli ingredients
➡️What Is kulikuli called in English
➡️Calories in KuliKuli
➡️Nutritional composition of Kulikuli
➡️History of KuliKuli
➡️Benefit Of eating Kulikuli
➡️Kuli Kuli nutrition facts
➡️Is KuliKuli good for weight loss
➡️Importance of kulikuli
➡️Is Kuli Kuli keto compliant
➡️What is KuliKuli made of
➡️Does KuliKuli cause pimples
➡️Kuli Kuli recipe
➡️History of Kulikuli
➡️Is Nigerian kulikuli good for weight loss?


Though called an Hausa snack, KuliKuli actually originated from the Nupe tribe, a large tribe in Northern Central Nigeria. It is a West African food made basically from groundnuts, it
is nutritionally rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential minerals.

It is often eaten alone or with a mixture of garri also known as cassava flakes, sugar and water popularly called “garri soakings”. It is also eaten with pap, fura, custard, oats; and is sometimes ground and put into salad.

Kuli Kuli: health benefits, ingredients, Keto Compliance, Calories , English Name & Recipes
Kulikuli has been serving African stomach since 1920

History of Kuli Kuli

The Nupe people made KuliKuli a snack as far back as 1920…Kulikuli is over a 100 years now and it is still serving Nigerians. Kuli Kuli is now a popular snack in Benin Republic, Northern Cameroon, and Ghana.

What is KuliKuli made of? Kuli ingredients

KuliKuli is made by mixing of salt, black pepper and other spices with ground groundnut paste. Kulikuli is also a part of the ingredients used for making Suya or Kilishi.

Health benefits of Kuli Kuli

1. KuliKuli is rich in calcium which helps to build strong bones and teeth

2 It is rich in Vitamin E which helps to
mop up free radicals in the body.

3. Kulikuli is a key meal for weight loss regimen. Rich in fibre and helps reduce weight or prevent weight gain.

4. Kulikuli is anti-inflammatory

5. It is anticancer

6. Kulikuli is rich in iron, helps boost up red blood cells and helps treat anemia.

7. Kulikuli has a lot of benefits to human being such as, protecting the heart, strengthen the bones and prevent birth defects e.t.c and this is based on the nutritional composition of groundnut, it major ingredient of production.

8. It helps in weight-loss: Groundnut contains copper which helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels and burns excess fat. Nigerian KuliKuli is good for weight loss and dieting.

9. It prevents diabetes:Groundnuts have plenty manganese that helps regulate blood sugar.

10. It aids female fertility: Groundnuts contain folate that not only increase fertility but reduces the chances of a neural birth defect in the child by about 90% therefore increases your chance of having an healthy baby. Are you pregnant ? Eat plenty KuliKuli.

11. Male fertility and sexual stamina is also greatly enhanced by Kulikuli.

12. Heart disease and cancer:kuli protects the heart against cholesterol absorption and also limits tumor growth.

What Is kulikuli called in English?

The English name for Kulikuli is known as “ AFRICAN PEANUT BARS”. So you either call it “PEANUT BARS” in English or “KULI KULI” in the Nigerian local way.

Nutritional composition of Kulikuli

Nutritional value of Kulikuli per 100 g serving
Protein 20g
Fat 100g
Carbohydrate 5g
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Vitamin K

Does KuliKuli cause pimples?

Many people associate KuliKuli and other processed groundnut products with pimples but how true is this? There is actually no scientific evidence that links KuliKuli to causing acne. It remains a myth.


Groundnut is the main ingredient
sometimes black pepper and spices

Is KuliKuli keto compliant?

Yes. KuliKuli is Keto compliant. It low in carbs, with moderate proteins but high in fats and oils. This make Kulikuli get into the Keto compliant category. It is a low carb snack used to reduce excess weight.

Is Kuli Kuli good for a pregnant woman?

Yes of course. Kulikuli is perfect for pregnant women.

Is kulikuli good for diabetics?

Yes. Persons living with diabetes can eat #kuli #kuli. It does not raise your blood sugar.

Is kuli kuli good for weight loss?

Kulikuli is low in calories and fat and hence perfect for weight loss.



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