Does groundnut water tighten the Vagina?

I was about to sleep when I ran into one posting facebook where the poster claimed groundnut water can be used to regain a female’s womanhood. The author listed so many benefits of drinking water from soaked peanuts and said it was a remedy to get get tight down there.

Here are the claims of the the Facebooker as far as using soaked groundnut water for vag!nal tightening is concerned 👇

Groundnut has some many health benefits but today we’ll be looking at one out of the many benefits of groundnut. Please always like, comment, share and invite your friends.”

Buy raw groundnut from your local market. Do not buy the groundnut with the shell, the one without the shell works more effectively.
Wash the groundnut in clean water. Wash it thoroughly then spread it on a tray and dry it under the sun. Make sure it is very dry.
After drying, boil it for about 30 minutes or more and make sure that the water is very brown before you turn off your cooker.
Drink this groundnut water, half glass, once a day for five days. Can be stored for 3days
Aside from the fact that this groundnut water is going to close up and snap back your vaginal, it has other health benefits.”

Does groundnut water tighten the Vagina?
Does groundnut water tighten the Vagina? No

But how true is this? Can groundnut water really help a women get tight down there?

Answer: No. All these claims of getting a woman tight down there with the use of groundnut water are all false. Groundnut has numerous health benefits for sure but it has absolutely no effect in helping to snap or strengthen the vag!nal muscles. All these people that make these bogus claims are simply after your hard earned money. They will swindle you with there lies and you will get no results for your money. RUN. GROUNDNUT WATER DOES NOT IN ANY WAY MAKE A WOMAN TIGHT DOWN THERE. IT IS BOTH A LIE AND A MYTH.

It is important to note that there are some pelvic exercises such as the Kegel exercises that help women especially those that just gave birth to attain close to their tightness before birth. Kegel exercises will also help firm up your urinary and anal sphincters to prevent incontinence.

Also, medical procedures like vaginoplasty have been helpful in helping women to regain their tightness down there.

Why not try these two instead of indulging yourself in some weird and unsubstantiated claims of groundnut water?

In summary, groundnut water does not tighten the vag*na. Surgery will help though.



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