Okra & Pregnancy: Is Okro Soup good for a Pregnant Woman? Is Okro soup good for pregnancy?

Okra soup or lady finger soup is very popular type of Soup in Nigeria eaten by both the rich and poor, young and old. Okro It has numerous nutritional value and medicinal health benefits that will make you want to have a taste of it. It is rich in essential nutrients especially phosphorous, calcium, folic acid, vitamin A, B, C, and K, protein is and dietary fibres. Okra soup is an ovulation booster and increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant especially as regards getting pregnant with twins.

Questions have however, been raised whether okro soup is good or safe in pregnancy.

Can a pregnant woman eat okro soup? Is October soup good or safe for pregnant women?

Is Okro soup good during pregnancy? There is a myth out there that warns pregnant women from eating okra soup because of the belief that it causes miscarriage or pregnancy loss but this is totally FALSE, okra soup is completely safe in pregnancy and pregnant and even breastfeeding women are even encouraged to eat lots of it. Okra soup contains essential nutrients and vitamins that is vital for the growth and development of your unborn baby. Okra soup is beneficial to pregnant women both in early pregnancy till delivery.

Okra & Pregnancy: Is Okro Soup good for a Pregnant Woman?
Okro soup is nutritious and healthy in pregnancy

Below are the benefits of Okro soup in pregnant women.

Health benefits of okro soup in pregnancy

💥Okro soup is rich in calcium and is therefore good for the development of strong bones in your unborn baby

💥Okro soup is rich in fibre and helps treats constipation in pregnant women

💥Okro soup helps maintain weight-loss in pregnancy

💥Okro is anticancer

💥Because okra soup is rich in folic acid,
it helps prevent congenital births defects like spina bifida and brain malformations.

💥Okra helps in the development of smooth skin in pregnancy

💥Okro soup is anti-inflammatory and also helps boost the immune system

💥 Aids the digestive system

💥Enhancement of vision and eye development of your unborn child.

💥 A delicious okra soup helps prevent morning sickness in most pregnant women

💥 Okro soup is rich in iron which helps in the production of hemoglobin, production of red blood cells and treats anemia in pregnancy.

💥 Okro soups is rich in pregnancy hormones like estrogen and progesterone helps sustain pregnancy, prevent pregnancy loss, and helps the women carry her pregnancy till delivery – eating Okro soup by pregnant women helps prevent premature delivery.

💥Okro soup boosts ovulation, and increases the female’s chances of getting pregnant with twins.

💥Okro soup is rich in vitamin K, a vitamin that will help prevent excessive bleeding during delivery.

💥Okro soup helps lower blood sugar. That is is good for women with gestational diabetes.

💥Okro soup helps treat bloating – a common gastrointestinal problem in pregnancy.

💥Okro soup helps heal stomach ulcer.

You can now see for yourself that Okro soup is not only a delicacy for pregnant women, it also serves some medicinal purposes. Enjoy.


Eating Okro soup is beneficial to pregnant women but IT DOES NOT EASE LABOUR.


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